Silver Falls – Feb 2010, May 2010, June 2011 (#1)

Silverton, OR
Info: (from Nestled in the lower elevation of Oregon’s Cascade Mountains lies a temperate rain forest. It is here that the Trail of Ten Falls/Canyon Trail. The Canyon Trail and the falls descend to a forest floor covered with ferns, mosses, and wildflowers. You will also find stands of Douglas fir, hemlock, and cedar. While thousands visit the park every year, it is large enough for you to find quiet places to sit and watch for birds.The Canyon Trail is a nationally recognized trail system that leads hikers along the banks of the north and south forks of Silver Creek. It takes you to 10 majestic waterfalls, ranging from the grand South Falls (177 feet), to the delicate Drake Falls (27 feet). Four of these falls have an amphitheater-like surrounding where you can walk behind
the falls and feel the misty, crisp spray.

JENNS REVIEWS: I highly recommend this trail. It’s easy (steep stairs and a slight incline near South Falls) and I love it. How can you beat seeing 10 waterfalls – C’mon! Only thing is — THE CROWDS! It’s a hot tourist trap and on hot summer days or even good sunny days, the crowds are annoying.  Recommend going mid week if you can and I do recommend trail running this but start early before the crowd. There is a parking area that you don’t have to pay but it’s very small.
First trip: February 21, 2010
So this was a treat. We had one “sunny” day and took advantage of it and decided to go hiking. This was the first trip hiking after a LONG stench of no hiking. Took Makaila and my good friend Terri along. We did the first loop along at South Falls with a large crowd taking advantage of the sun. We took a little detour and found a small path that lead to a small waterfall.
Terri taking a picture with her phone
Continued down the paved trail to South Falls. Unfortunately, there was ice on the trail that I think Terri slipped. Thank Goodness she didn’t get hurt but we struggled with the incline. There were quite a few people who slipped though.
OKEE, soo using my camera phone and Makaila’s crappy camera..Here is what we have on our very first trip.
Behind the South Falls
OK, it’s February and Kaila is wearing shorts?!?!?!
Somewhere there is a fall. Not sure which one though
Pictures of our trip and the first addiction to hiking. 🙂
Next Visit: May 21, 2010
The next visit to Silver Falls, I was armed with a little better camera and this time brought my sister Joyce and my other daughter Alesia.  This was more a picture opportunity of us than it was taking nature shots.
I honestly can not remember this trip. LOL. I do remember how silly my daughter was that day.
Left to Right: Joyce, Alesia, Me
Told ya she was being silly
I actually did get a “nature” picture
Next Next Visit: June 26, 2011
Now that I am in better shape, I decided to trail run the whole loop at Silver Falls. Started early in the morning to beat the crowd and parked at the North Falls parking lot. This parking lot, as well as South Falls Lot has a daily fee use of $5.  Total loop is approximately 8.7 miles. When I got back the lot was packed and still saw people looking for a parking spot.  I ran most of the trail but still stopped to take the opportunity to take pictures.  Now, most of the pictures that I take are from my camera phone.  I use to have a little elph camera but dang it, dropped it so many times it finally broke. And my luck the warranty expired a few weeks AFTER I broke it.

All these photos were taken from my HTC HD2 phone. Yup, ruined that phone that day too. 🙂


As you can tell…tried to remember to take a picture of the signs because each fall to me looks the same. 🙂

So, I took a picture of the ferns because I was actually waiting for this couple to finish taking pictures of the falls so I wanted to look busy. This is what happens when you want to look “busy”.

I wonder why I didn’t capture the next trail’s sign.  Either I missed it or there were too many people in front of it.

I promise that’s it! I will always do a return visit. Gotta take my family, out of town guests, blah blah blah through this gem. Hey, it’s like Multnomah Falls – must see in Oregon.


JULY 22, 2012

Took Scott to Silver Falls for the first time. He absolutely loved it despite the many people there. It wasn’t as crowded as I have seen it but still pretty crowded.

Some new shots. My favorite to shoot was Lower South Falls