Columbia Gorge – Multnomah Falls (#4)

May 15, 2010
Info: (                 Distance: 1.6 miles                          Moderate/Difficult         
Fed by underground springs from Larch Mountain, the flow over the falls varies, usually it’s highest during winter and spring.
Multnomah Falls offers one of the best places in the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area to study geology exposed by floods.  Five flows of Yakima basalt are visible in the falls’ cliff face.
From the information center, visitors can follow the 1.2 mile trail that climbs approximately 600 feet to the top of Multnomah Falls. This trails provides great views of the falls and the Columbia River Gorge. 
Once at the top of the falls, hikers can continue onward for six miles to the top of Larch Mountain or take the six mile Wahkeena Loop trail.
Jenn’s View:  I love the Columbia Gorge, even the famous Multnomah Falls Trail. The crowds is horrendous because it is one of the most touristy spot in Oregon.  Joyce and I did the Wahkeena Loop Trail and started there and ended up going down the Multnomah Falls Trail.  Go view that blog.  This particular day, I took one of my very good friends, Melanie to the Falls.  She has lived in Oregon most of her life and has never been. She had a blast and hopefully will take her dog Bandit and her hubby, Kris to the falls.  This site ( says the trail is 2.2 miles. I’ll go with that.

Getting to the first bridge was easy…after that it’s a pretty steady, uphill climb. It was beautiful day and all the dogs behaved quite well.

Going up or going down? Can’t remember

You do hit the first falls up close. These were taken on the way down. Camera was getting a bit wet. The falls spray felt good but then I started getting cold. he he.

A few views from the top while you are climbing. Scenery is gorgeous. I can see why people flock to this area!

One of the views from the top

We took quite a few breaks.  The kids got tired, I got tired, Melanie got tired. Plus there were so many people on the trail that it was hard to get up.  The path / trail is not that wide for people going up as well as the people going down.  They need traffic control up there!

My bestie friend and I taking a break
Once you get to the top, you can play in the stream/creek.
I was hoping for a ice cream stand awaiting for us at the top but there were none :(. So, we played for awhile at the top.
Wow, didn’t know I was such a good photographer. 🙂
Love this picture of Melanie and Bandit!

After running down and getting back in the car, we stopped by a view point off I-84. Gives ya a little history of Oregon.

Highly recommend this hike, especially if you are new to Oregon. It’s absolutely beautiful.

Directions: Drive Interstate 84 east of Portland 31 miles to Multnomah Falls exit 31, park, and walk under the overpass.