Columbia Gorge – Wahkeena Falls Loop Trail #420 (#5)

May 31, 2010
Info: ( Wahkeena Trail #420 climbs steadily from the start. The path is wide and has several switchbacks. Wahkeena Falls has a height of 242 Feet. After the falls is the Perdition Trail #421 and has been closed since the 1991 fire and 1996 slides. Stay right, and you will come to a junction with two lookout trails. The trail to the right leads to Lemmon’s Viewpoint. The trail to the left leads to Monument Viewpoint. On the main trail, hike up to Fairy Falls. Restrooms are available at the trailhead during the summer season.
Difficulty: Moderate                                                                            Distance: 5.7 miles
Jenn’s View:
Joyce and I loved this hike. There are quite a few different trails but we took the one that lead us to Multnomah Falls.  It was a great work out AND so much to see and enjoy. Waterfalls are my most favorite things to look for. You actually get to see 5 different waterfalls on this trail. OHHH, this was the time I got a call from Washington County Police Department stating that Makaila was pulled over on TV Highway. She didn’t have her license at that time.  I told the cop that she must have stolen my suburban and was joyriding. I had to call Angela, my niece, to grab the burb and take her to Grandma’s house. She had the ticket drop and had to attend a safe driving course. hahahahaha!
So the first fall you come to is Wahkeena Falls which is the main picture (above) for this page.
Part of the river bed of Wahkeena Falls
So from the beginning of the trail, you can see the first bridge to the falls.

We got to the bridge and past the bridge is a rock crop.  Joyce thought she was funny and wanted to “pretend” she was rock climbing. he he.

Rock Climbin’ Joyce

After the steady climb, you reach Lemmons Viewpoint. Here Joyce decided she was “Ariel” from the little Mermaid. God, she’s weird!

We continue on and you are hiking right next to the river bed that feeds Wahkeena Falls.

The 2nd Fall you come to is Fairy Falls. This one was small but I thought was the prettiest of them all.

Next fall is Ecola Falls. Couldn’t really get up to close but you can see it from the trail. This was on our down, closer to Multnomah Falls.

The trail heading towards Multnomah was icky but cool.  At one point, you are walking under a cliff. The trail was wet and muddy but beautiful because you are walking next to the river.

Too bad it’s not deep enough to river raft.

The 4th fall is called Weisendanger Falls (don’t ask – I don’t know how to pronounce it either!).

Of course more pictures of the river / creek.  I’m so happy my little ELPH camera can take such great pictures. Too bad I killed the camera on a hike in the future (2011 hikes)

And of course the last and final falls was Multnomah Falls.  We running down Multnomah Falls trails, we ate our McDonald’s cheeseburgers that we got before getting to the falls.  While eating our burger, a little kid spotted our burgers and told his mommy we were eating McDonald’s. Joyce, being Joyce, told the little kid that McDonalds is at the top of the falls! LOL

Highly Recommend this trail! Make sure to do it in the late spring. It’s not too hot and the lighting is perfect to get pictures of the falls.