Opal Creek Wilderness – Salmon Falls (#7)


 April 17, 2011
Info: http://www.co.marion.or.us/PW/Parks/descriptions/salmonfalls.htm)  Purchase of this area, with the assistance of Land and Water funds, was made to preserve an outstanding scenic site. The area is forested, and at the falls site, the Little North Fork of the Santiam River plunges over the rock outcropping about 30 feet to a pool beneath. Only minimum development of the popular area has been undertaken. Emphasis has been placed on preservation of the natural beauty of the site. The Bureau of Land Management owns land on two sides of the park and is interested in ultimately developing the entire area. Facilities at a Glance

  • 22.62 Acres
  • Picnic Tables
  • Fishing
  • Water Activities
  • Hiking Trails
  • Fire Pits
  • ADA Restroom

8:00 a.m. to Sunset

  • On I-5 exit onto Hwy 22 and head east towards Stayton
  • In 22 miles – at second yellow light just east of Mehama – turn left onto North Fork Road SE
  • At milepost 13.6 turn right onto Elkhorn Drive SE
  • After ½ mile park on the left to access Little N. Santiam Trail No. 3338
    at the Opal Creek Scenic Recreation Area

Jenn’s View: Great hike for the family…If you travel up the path a bit, there is an area where you can go swimming. I bet it has a lot of people here during the summer. I remember pulling off to the side of the road, the trail was right there, and boom the waterfall was right there as well. Had to do a little climbing but VERY little.  The trail continued and would be an excellent “beginners” trail running area. Highly recommend even with small children. Just be careful of the water.

It was pretty cold but just dress in layers and should be great.

The trail was relatively flat and leads you straight on top of the falls. You see all these little wooden bridges. When I told TJ we had to get back soon because we had to drive to Hillsboro for Grandma’s and Auntie Joyce’s birthday, that’s when he got all “pissy” and didn’t want to hike no mo’. 😦

The top of the falls did have a sign stating something about swimming at your own risk. he he

There are quite a few waterfalls around this area. Check out Opal Creek Wilderness blog. May 29, 2011 to get to Opal Pool or Henline Falls blog dated May 30, 2011 and Henline Trails dated May 21, 2011


JUNE 23, 2012

Went and re-visited this on my way to Nasty Rock Hike – which by the way I did not do. I ran out of time. Scott was on his way to my house and I had to do the dishes.

The water level is real low at this time compared to what I had seen back in April 2011. 🙂 I had originally thought this was Elkhorn Falls but I was wrong. I even took a picture of the sign so this is what I assume is Salmon Falls Park.

Oh My goodness, I would NEVER use the bathroom. One thing, the lock is on the outside and it looked pretty gross in there…I was too scared. I’d rather pee outside.

Salmon Falls Park Salmon Falls Park Salmon Falls Park Salmon Falls Park

As you can tell by the picture, the water level is extremely low

Opal Creek Wilderness Salmon Falls Park

Opal Creek Wilderness Salmon Falls Park

Opal Creek Wilderness Salmon Falls Park

Go check out the other No Hikes Hike I just did around the area. Great place to take the kids for the day and see what wonderful areas Opal Creek Wilderness has to offer.

NORTH FORK PARK: https://oregonhike.wordpress.com/2012/06/23/opal-creek-wilderness-no-hike-hikes-north-fork-park/

SULLIVAN FALLS: https://oregonhike.wordpress.com/2012/06/23/opal-creek-wilderness-no-hike-hike-sullivan-falls/


Opal Creek Wilderness – Shellburg Falls (#6)

April 3, 2011
 Info: (Thank you ODF! http://www.oregon.gov/ODF/northcascade/nonmotorizedtrails.shtml

 Shellburg Falls Recreation Area offers many opportunities for visitors. You may hike, horseback ride, mountain bike, free-ride mountain bike and camp in this area. There are nearly 6 miles of non-motorized trail managed by the Oregon Department of Forestry. Each trail is designed for a specific use. The Free Ride Mountain Bike Area is maintained by the Mountain Street Dirt Crew. Motorized vehicles are restricted to maintained gravel roads only.
Vehicle Access: May—October
Walk-in Access: Year Round
Trail Closures: Trail closures may be in effect during the rainy season or for current timber sale operations. Please call ahead for current trail closures. 

For a brochure and more information: go here — Shellburg Falls Brochure
Jenn’s Review: This was a great little hike. I had to walk in to the park to get to the falls which is quite a ways but flat so easy. Highly recommend for families. The campground looks like it would be fun. Will camp there one of these years! Be careful of bears! The sign kinda scared me. he he..

So, before hitting the trail…Gene’s Meat Market is shown right off Hwy 22 so of course I stopped in there and picked up some beef jerky for Shadowlynn and I. It was sooo good. Luv the Teriyaki one.

They were taking orders for Easter Sunday Hams. 🙂 YUM

 You’re on a gravel road most of the way up.  During camping season, you can actually avoid walking and just drive through. I would recommend driving this than walking.  But you will miss all the wonderful farms and houses on this road. 🙂

The first landmark I hit was the creek. More like a bridge over a creek. There are steps you want to take and that will lead you to the falls.

Kinda cool you can add a video to this blog…so here is my very first. Not that exciting, just the creek. 🙂


Well, its not a blog without me in it…My first pic of the day of me! OHHHH Lordy
So, I kinda got carried away with the pictures of the stream. Hey! I was excited to hit water!!!

Finally got on an actual trail. Shellburg Falls, here I come!

Dur…More pictures of me and Shadowlynn!!
The path isn’t very long to get to the Falls.  Really easy, no real climbing or steep hills. Perfect!

 The area is quite beautiful and if I had the right camera equipment, would make excellent nature pictures.

You can actually walk behind this fall…wear a coat – it gets cold. I don’t know WHY they put a stupid bench there — it’s always gonna be wet and muddy. Like I really want my butt on there!  🙂

On the trail, you see these lilies (?) everywhere! They were neat but I don’t think ODF would be very nice to me if I dug them up and planted them at my house.
Continued on the trail and hit a trail closed.  Well, I still had to go see WHY it was closed. Well, part of the path was submerged in water. OHHH guess that’s why.