Mt. Jefferson – Pamelia Lake (#10)

 June 25, 2011
Info: (from the Oregon Hiking Book) This popular trail has become, in the last umpteen years, too popular. What could it be? The stroll along Pamelia Creek? The shores of Pamelia Lake, with staggering Mount Jefferson reflected in the waters? Or possibly the side hike up domineering Grizzly Peak? Alas, it is all of these. To deal with the onslaught of hikers, the Forest Service requires hikers to obtain a free permit in advance. This helps to ease the congestion and allow for this fragile area, especially the lakeshore, to recover from overuse. The first 2.2 miles of trail follow Pamelia Creek into the dense forest. At a junction you have several options. Go straight to the lakeshore, and you can circle it to the right for a view of Mount Jefferson. Go right at the junction following a sign for Grizzly Peak to climb 2.8 miles to the 5,799 foot summit.
Directions: Drive 62 miles east of Salem on OR 22. Beyond Detroit about 12 miles, between mileposts 62 and 63 (I think this is wrong), turn left on Pamelia Road 2246 for 3.7 miles to the trailhead for at the end of the road.
Jenn’s View: OH MY! One of my most favorite hidden gems! The first 2.2 miles of the trail follows Pamelia Creek into the dense forest. Beautiful and very flat. You don’t realize that you are gaining elevation until you start seeing snow! There is a junction in the trail: one that leads you straight to Pamelia Lake or go right to Grizzly Peak. We saw some hikers with ski’s on their back and they stated that you would hit snow about 3 more miles – really dense and would need snow shoes to continue to Grizzly Peak…I was sad. The trail would be EXCELLENT for trail running which I plan to do in mid-July OR August on one of the VERY FEW weekends I will have available. Don’t forget bug spray. Got bit several times on the top of my feet and my arms. DON’T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE I DID!!!!! YOU WILL NEED TO PURCHASE A LIMITED ENTRY PERMIT AND PARKING PERMIT ($5) AT THE RANGER STATION IN DETROIT or you will be fined $200. We did purchase it (after turning around and back tracking 10 miles back in to Detroit) and the parking and we were actually stopped on the trail to show our pass! I met my friend Casey and his dog Dublin!
Dublin fell down the little cliff so Casey had to go and grab him and hoist him back up! Dumb dog! LOL

Dublin. My dog did not like this dog.

Pamelia Creek is what we heard most of the way there and most of the way back
 As soon as we hit the Lake, this became my “AWWWW” moment. Just imagine if I had a better camera than my phone camera to take the pictures!

Wouldn’t be my blog if there were no picture of me!
So, Casey and I decided to see how far we can get to Grizzly Peak. Yup, not far…maybe 2 miles before we hit snow. :(.  I am so coming back here and going for Grizzly Peak!  Gotta get some bear spray though cuz that just doesn’t sound safe!

Jenn’s Recommendation: ABSO-FRICKIN’-LUTELY!