Moutn Jefferson Wilderness – Whitewater Trail #3429 (#13)

I think they need to replace this sign
August 13, 2011

So, it’s about 3:30-ish when I got back from the car from Cheat Creek and decided it’s still early enough to get to Jeff Park.  I’m thinking it’s about a 2.1 mile hike — Who the heck knows where I even got that figure in my head! Whitewater trail is approximately 10+miles round trip to the first lake.  That would take me more than 6 hours at the rate I was going with all my “poor Jennifer” excuses (neck/shoulder pain, knee pain, no exercising for almost a week, blah blah blah).  Found the parking area and this is where the Wilderness pass comes in.  Here is the map guide from Ranger Bob. It’s pretty crinkly because I kept looking at it to make sure I wasn’t heading in the wrong direction PLUS I used it as a barrier between my hand and the walking stick I found. LOL

On our way up, I was able to get beautiful pictures of Mt. Jefferson. It was closer in person and so beautiful. It makes me really appreciate Oregon!

The weather was perfect! About 75 degrees, clear skies.  In my head, I was thinking, “DANG – perfect day to do Table Rock to see all the mountain ranges” but glad I didn’t.

My water bladder was low and already drank all my Vitamin Water from Cheat Creek.  It was nice because it made my pack WAY lighter but was a little worried about Shadowlynn.  Kept filling up her water bowl and kept wanting more.  Was hoping to find any creeks or water beds for her to drink out of to help save what little water I had left. We did find a creek about 1.5 miles UP and was all happy once again.  We ate near the creek – the rest of my Subway Sammich, trail mix, and protein bar….felt so much better. I brought Dog Food for Shadowlynn so she was all happy and content too!

I think this is part of Whitewater?

Well stupid me NEVER stays on the trail.  Looked up and thought, “that looks like a great place to cut through.” HOPING it would lead me to a great view of the ridge. hmmm.  Nope, it didn’t.  Got turned around a little and noticed a trail so started following the trail not knowing which one I was on. Gimme a break — IT WAS A TRAIL!  After awhile, met the 2 backpacking girls that I met on Cheat Creek trail and said that this trail will lead you to that meadow…Ahhhh crap — was going the wrong way! Turned around and followed the same trail – opposite direction.  Glad I did.  Found these beautiful views along the way…

I seriously need to invest in a camera.  Would love to take one of these pictures, blow it up, frame it and put it on one of the walls…Well, hopefully on my next commission check I may be able to do that.  Plan to do this hike to the first lake within the next week or so and plan to “backpack/camp” next year with friends/family to do the FULL loop!


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