Mount Jefferson Wilderness – Triangulation Peak (#15)

August 21, 2011
Info:  (from Oregon Hiking book by Sen Patrick Hill)    Difficulty: Easy/Moderate
A fitting name for a peak on which a fire watchtower once stood. Triangulation Peak offers an impressive view of Mount Jefferson not only from its peak, but from the mouth of a secret cave accessible by a cross-country scramble over the flanks of the peak. Along the way, the trail passes the towering monolith of Spire Rock and enters a series of alpine meadows covered with fish-filled lakes. For intrepid travelers, this trail also provides access deeper into Mount Jefferson Wilderness Area.
Jenn’s view: OK, Ranger Judy (not sure if that’s her name) didn’t mention ANYTHING about no cave so we had NOOO idea there is this hidden cave and I was dumb enough to leave my book at home and dangit! would have love to ventured to find this secret cave. (I know run-on sentence and punctuations are not in place but who cares! I’m upset!)   Brian and I was actually heading to Pamelia Lake but it was full since there is a limited entry fee to get in so Ranger Judy suggested we do this hike and we did.  I gave this rating an Easy/Moderate —  Easy for the first 1.5 miles because it was relatively easy and then the last 0.6 miles is up, up, up! If we have known about this cave – I guess getting to the cave is really difficult.
See! No where does this flyer that Ranger Judy gave us indicated no hidden cave! Sheez!
Directions: Drive 56 miles east of Salem on OR 22. One mile past Idanha, turn left on McCoy Creek Road 2233 for 9.2 miles. At a building (what building?  Must have missed that one) go right and continue 1.3 miles and park at spur Road 635.
Now, good ol’ Brian relies on these High Tech Gadget thingies that I don’t normally carry.  I normally have this book or directions that I print off the web. So, Brian gets us all confuse and we are stopped trying to locate our exact position – we think we are lost, on the wrong road…blah blah blah and all the while thinking – Just drive.. LOL.  He’s too funny. He puts the GPS thingy down and we decided to drive and low and behold there’s the trail head. We were less than 100 yards away…..hahahaha.
Brian Leggs and his high tech gadget!
So the trail was really pretty.  When we left the car, I believe we hit 91 degrees so it was hot.  Thank goodness the forest was pretty cool until we reached the top out of the shade of the trees. And oh lordy the bugs! Sheez! Had bug spray on but you sure can hear all the flies and bees buzzin’ around.

Mount Jefferson is sooooo gorgeous! You literally felt like you can reach out and touch her. She was so close and right there.  There was another mountain that was showing but wasn’t quite sure which mountain that was.  I know we saw the top of one of the Sisters and Three Finger Jack. It was pretty hilarious…I told Brian to tell me a story and guess what he told me – How Joseph Smith became “THE JOSEPH SMITH”. He’s not even Mormon!

Not quite sure which Mountain this one is? Anyone??
While Brian was out doing his thang on getting his pictures for Photosynth (for a 360 degree view…go here: ) I went off to find out where this little trail went.  Sat on top of those rocks at the end and meditated. Well, not really but it was very peaceful.
I definitely recommend this hike.  It took us 3 hours, including the meditation and picture taking so it was a quick little hike…I WILL GO BACK AND GET TO BOCA CAVE! Maybe with my sister (she’s scared because of the movie Descent) this time since Brian is scared of caves because of the movie Sanctum!
This is probably my favorite picture of all time!
*You can click on any of the pictures to make them bigger*
REVISIT August 28, 2011 to get to Boca Cave. See my Boca Cave blog.  
Here are updated pictures from this visit with my sis. It was about 80 degrees but unfortunately there was a slight haze in the air.  It started clearing up but still that haze stuck on. 😦
My sister Joyce Piol posing for the camera.
My sister was a little scared getting on top of this small rock formation. She gets a little scared of heights but she did it. With my aide, she even got herself down.
Joyce Piol was a little scared getting on this rock and had to help her down BUT she did it! So proud of her!
As you can tell, I have no fear.  Well, not most of the time.  If ShadowLynn was on the rocks with me, then I would freak out. She’s not the most behaved dog and she would have knocked me down.
Huge recommendation to do it. Do eat a big breakfast before going! I struggled the last leg on just 2 cups of coffee.

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