Mount Jefferson Wilderness – Boca Cave (#16)

August 28, 2011 

Info:  (from Oregon Hiking book by Sen Patrick Hill)    Difficulty: Difficult
Read the Triangulation Peak blog to get information on the hike. That trail leads to Boca Cave. To find Boca Cave, beware of steep cliffs and watch your step. From the peak, hike down to a saddle and go right and cross-country to a second and lower peak. From here, a scramble trail descends along the right of a rock outcrop. The path ends at a cliff edge. Go to the right around the cliff and descend a steep forested slope to a 100 foot deep cavern with a view of Mount Jefferson.
Permits: A free self issue Wilderness Permit is required and is available at the trailhead. Parking and access are free. Just in case, you may need to pick up a Wilderness pass for $5. Stop by the ranger station and ask. I always do. Better safe than sorry.
Directions: Drive 56 miles east of Salem on OR22. One mile past Idanha, turn left on McCoy Creek Road 2233 for 9.2 miles. At a building (what building? I didn’t see no building but that what’s my book says), go right and continue 1.3 miles and park at spur Road 635. The trailhead is 100 feet down the spur road.  OKEE, wait.  We were able to park right next to the trail head. 🙂
So the trail is pretty easy to get there. Joyce and I ate our lunch at Triangulation Peak and then headed down to Boca Caves.  They were NOT kidding on how steep it is to get down. Just kept thinking to myself, dang, gotta make this climb back UP to get home! Ahhh man, but my tummy was full with Subway Sammich and had all the energy in the world. he he.  I don’t suggest anyone who is not physically fit or who has bad knees or whatever. This is not an easy climb down nor is it an easy climb back up. OK, enough with the “disclosures”
Joyce posing for the camera
Was trying to climb the tree but it just bend
You do have to go around a rock wall…Here is a picture of the path.
Was trying to figure out how to climb to that ledge.  Johnathon would have done it!!!!

I don’t remember seeing a cliff or the outcrop of rocks but I wasn’t really looking. I was more amazed with this hole in the wall and figuring out a way to send ShadowLynn in FIRST to scare away the bears, bums, or creatures living in there — like the ones from the movie Descent! he he.

The entrance!

The cave isn’t very deep.  They did have these ledges that freaked me out (flashback on this movie again). I was expecting a head to peer over and start hissing or crawling on the ceiling, scattering like cockroaches!  he he.  How my imagination runs wild!

The entrance does frame Mount Jefferson real nicely.  Couldn’t get a clear picture of us standing near the entrance.

Started to get it….
The views from outside the cave

And of course, it wouldn’t be MY blog without a picture of moi….

Enjoy! Check out my next Cave exploration.  It’s in the planning stage right now but should be a pretty good one!

REVISIT: July 29, 2012

So, this is still my favorite cave. It’s not scary and it makes such a great shot for pictures. The tree has gotten a bit bigger and is covering more of Mt. Jefferson. So I will have to do a little bit of photoshoping to change this a bit. See the final product by searching my posts under photography class. LOL

I took Scott and his boys with me to show my favorite hike in 2011. It’s still ranks pretty high up there. 🙂 Also brought the dogs with us. Can you see Sam? It was hard to get a picture of him AND to make sure Mt. Jefferson was clear.

Boca Cave

Climbing up to the mouth of the cave was difficult. I had Muffy in my arms, the camera, and my backpack. Scott had to come back down and grab my pack.

Boca Cave Boca Cave Boca Cave

The boys were real excited about the cave. Central Oregon has a ton of lava tubes and caves so this is second nature for them. 🙂

Boca CaveBoca Cave

Boca Cave

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