Oregon Coast – Cannon Beach

February 19, 2012
Info: (taken from http://ci.cannon-beach.or.us/) The City of Cannon Beach is located on the Pacific Northwest Coast of Oregon, 80 miles west of Portland and 25 miles south of Astoria, Cannon Beach is surrounded by the rugged natural beauty of forests, ocean beaches, and rivers. Only four miles in length, and with a population of 1,695, Cannon Beach is a popular and picturesque resort area, playing host to an estimated over 750,000 visitors annually. Although Cannon Beach was incorporated as a city in 1957, it has been occupied much longer: first by native cultures, and then, since the late 1800s, by American settlers. In 1806, Captain William Clark, of the Lewis & Clark Expedition, traveled south to our area in order to secure needed blubber from a whale beached near the mouth of Ecola Creek.
Jenn’s View: Are you kidding me? I love the beach. Living in Salem, I’m only approximately an hour away from Lincoln City. Cannon Beach is one of my favorite beach to visit. The little shops located downtown are so cute. Plus, you have Mo’s Famous Clam Chowder to warm up after walking on the beach. Scott and I got there a little late so we couldn’t do a hike around the area. I saw quite a few trails and hopefully when the weather is a bit warmer (I don’t care that it’s raining but I do care about the temperature) we can hit a few of them. So, I didn’t count this as a hike so there is no number next to the name.
So, before we left Mo’s, I wanted to get some tips on the web on how to take great beach photos. One of the suggestion was to get down low. Try to get a “crab view”. Here is my first shot of acting like a crab. I couldn’t get on my hands and knees because I really didn’t want to get soaked. It’s quite tilted.
Remember you can click on any pictures on the blog to make them bigger. 🙂  The sky was a bit misty and very grey. No color what-so-ever. Blah.  Amazingly enough, there were quite a few people out today. Probably because it was a holiday weekend. The congregated near Haystack because there was some sort of event going on.
Yup that’s my man! Good ol’ Scott Wenger.
Here is another attempt of crab view. A bit better.
So, we headed towards “The Rock” and was taking random pictures.
I swear, this seagull posed for the camera! I told him I wanted a side view, and he turned!
Scott’s camera phone is amazing! Took some great pictures…Now he needs to give it up!
Walking, we came across this amazing rock with tons of muscles, starfish, and anemone. I couldn’t get close enough because near the rock, it was pretty deep. Remember, I really didn’t want to get my shoes and socks soaking wet (It was bound to happen – I got my socks soaking wet BUT was wearing my REI wool socks!). Next time, I’ll bring galoshes.
 Took more “picturesque” pictures. Well, my rule of thumb – take 100 pictures and you’ll get at least 1 that is worth printing. LOL
We finally made it to the rock and there was some sort of event going on held by Department of Fish and Wildlife. It was pretty neat but there were quite a few people there.
He was getting sooooo sick of me taking pictures of him. He sounded like my kids. Just Kidding, Scott.
Scott went ahead of me and was taking pictures of all the starfish hanging on to dear life to this rock. It was simply amazing.
Glad he didn’t fall in!
OKAY, another “pretty” shot
Love the color and the reflection of the water. The water looks like glass.
Wouldn’t be my blog without a picture of me, right?
Go fly a kite! Best place to do it!
I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend going to the beach – any time of the year! One of these days, I want to see a lightening storm over the ocean or to see a true storm in the ocean.

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