MAY 24, 2012

Info: Taken from the Friends of the Columbia Gorge website (

This is a quick, but nice stroll for kids or less mobile hikers. The trail is paved, and all-access, circling the top of a bluff in Bridal Veil Park. There are beautiful views of the Columbia River, as well as a good look at the transportation routes in the area. Numerous historic markers explain Gorge history, geology and plant life. Hikers in the park should check out the Bridal Veil Falls Hike as well.

Directions: Bridal Veil Trailhead: From Portland, drive east on I-84 to Exit 28 (Bridal Veil). Turn right on the Historic Highway and drive 0.3 miles to the Bridal Veil Viewpoint lot on the right.

From the east, take exit 35 (Ainsworth Park). Drive 8.3 miles west on the Historic Highway to the same lot.

Jenn’s View: I did the small trail straight to the fall. It was an easy and quick hike that any family members will love and can do. Less than 1/2 mile and you will be pleasantly surprised that Bridal Veil is pretty big. I was really expecting nothing spectacular. I hope one of my photographer friends does this hike and be able to capture the green/cyan blue in the water. It does remind me of Maui.

The first stop you come to is the sign to the trail.  The sign shows that it is a 2/3 mile loop to the falls. There is another trail called the Overlook Loop trail which is a little longer (1/2 mile loop) but not by much. I took the shorter route since I already stopped by two trails already.

I was sooooo happy to see a bathroom at this place. There are quite a few places to go to the bathroom but this was close to Latourell Falls. It was clean and poor Shadowlynn had to come in with me. LOL

The trail descends to the falls and come to the bridge. You can hear the falls by the time you get there. It’s a great place to take pictures and to walk around. You do need to climb up the stairs to get to a platform to take good pictures of the falls.

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