Oregon Beach – Pacific City / Cape Kiwanda


Cape Kiwanda

April 22, 2012

Info: Taken from the Oregon State Parks and Recreation site (http://www.oregonstateparks.org/park_180.php)

Cape Kiwanda is part of the Three Capes Scenic Route (along with Cape Meares and Cape Lookout). Kiwanda is the smallest of the three, but it’s one of the best places to experience spectacular wave action. Pacific City is the home of the Pacific Dory Fleet. South of Cape Kiwanda is the dory boat launching area. North of Cape Kiwanda to Tierra Del Mar is a stretch of beach popular with picnickers. Kiwanda provides great hang gliding and kite flying opportunities.

Vital stats
There is no fee to use this park. For information, call 1-800-551-6949.

Jenn’s View: Well, all I got to say is this is one my FAVORITE beaches to visit. We have a great way to exercise up the sand hill and/or Cape Kiwanda State Natural area and that’s a work out in itself. Places to sit and enjoy the views as you can tell from the above picture. Look at my hike in the Suislaw National Forest and this is minutes from these hikes. Go do those hikes and end in Pacific City for food and watch the sunset.



Shadowlynn enjoying the beach! Muffy enjoying the beach Jennifer Piol enjoying the beach

This is the day I did the two hikes above and decided to end the day at Pacific City. It is a popular beach so do expect a lot of people ON the beach. Cape Kiwanda wasn’t too bad. I still love it. This time I didn’t go with Scott :(. I really wanted to go to his house in Terrebonne but something came up so I decided to go by myself and find these hikes. I’m so happy I did. I did take Scott to Pacific City a few weekends later and he absolutely loves it. I absolutely loved it because I was with him….awwwwwwww….sappy, I know!

So, I changed shoes and decided to change into sand shoes… he he… No hiking shoes this time! I don’t know why these are sandshoes – I guess they dry quickly if they get wet but dang I ended with the whole darn beach IN my shoes.

Pacific City / Cape Kiwanda

Cape Kiwanda is hike up. Oh gosh…I was pretty tired after hiking a couple hikes and then trying to control the dogs to stay with me and not chase the people running down the hill. Shadowlynn is pretty scary when she goes after someone. She will get shot one of these days. Muffy is the instigator though!

Oregon Beach Oregon Beach Oregon Beach

Got some great shots while I was on the beach. My favorite shot is me sitting on the edge watching the ocean.

Oregon Beach

Oregon Beach

Oregon Beach

Maybe or maybe not, you can see the algae that is on the rocks. Well, when I was taking a picture of the cave, I slipped on the darn algae and almost fell in. That would be NOT good. Muffy and Shadowlynn may follow after me. Someone did see me slip and freaked out. He was being smart and said he may have had to jump in after me to save me….yea right!

Oregon Beach

See the sea of algae on the rocks. Be careful since it’s real slippery.

Sea of Algae

These are the shots that I got that almost made me fall in to the dark abyss of the water! And if you know me, I’m actually scared of the ocean. You know the sharks, giant squids, the UNKNOWN!

Oregon Beach

Oregon Beach Cave

Of course, I highly recommend this beach. Hopefully it’s not crowded for you all.  I’ve added more pictures below. Some were taken by my camera phone which isn’t all that great but oh well. I’m not claiming to be a professional photographer or even an amateur photographer!

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