Oregon Coast – Tillamook County – Niagara Falls and Pheasant Creek Falls


Tillamook County, Niagara Falls Tillamook County - Pheasant Creek Falls

April 22, 2012

Info: taken from Trails NW website (http://www.trailsnw.com/index.php?fuseaction=Trails.DisplayTrail&hike_num=174)

This is a short hike great for all seasons. If you are taking a trip to the coast and want to get a short hike in this is a great one. The two waterfalls at the end of the short trial rival those found in the Gorge or Silver Creek state park. From the Car Park the trail descends down the side of a creek bed to the confluence of Pheasant and Niagara creeks. The end of the trail is at the head of Niagara creek bed where both Niagra creek and pheasant creek plunge off of the cliff edge. The impressive thing about this trial is that both waterfalls are in the same spot, where the creeks come together.

Directions: From Highway 101 in Beaver:
Travel east on Blaine Road for 6 miles. At Blaine Junction go east on Upper Nestucca River Road for 5.8 miles to Forest Road 8533. Go south 4.3 miles to Forest Road 8533-131. Turn right at the junction and travel 0.7 miles to trailhead parking.

Jenn’s View: Great hike! Very easy and short and you are rewarded with two falls within yards of each other! Great hike for both the dogs! Shadowlynn and Muffy had an awesome time. The directions in my hiking book were WAAAAYYYY off. I did miss it by over 10 miles.  There are NO signs pointing to the falls and the road looks like it belongs on someone’s property. This is the only landmark I can find that MAY help you find this trail. The road after the blue building is the trail that leads to Clarence Creek Falls!

Tillamook County - Niagara Falls and Pheasant Creek Falls

I wish I wrote the coordinates down for ya’ll but hopefully this marker helps.  There is another sign that will indicate that you are on the right road.

Tillamook County - Suislaw National Forest

So, the road is all gravel. My poor car. It goes through so much abuse. I try to avoid all the pot holes or go real slow but you know how it is.

It’s pretty accurate about it being approximately 4 miles to the trail head. The road goes on forever and there is a fork in the road. The sign is small and skinny so be watching for it. It doesn’t indicate that it is Niagara Falls so I turned and sure enough, it was.

Niagara Falls - Suislaw National Forest

The trail is pretty and short. My puppies really enjoyed it, especially Muffy. I normally don’t bring Muffy with me cuz she is so small. I’m always afraid something will swoop down and grab her. The beginning of the trail

Shadowlynn on the trail

This is a great trail for families and all levels of fitness. It is not a difficult trail because they have alot of places to rest and the trail is not long. It is also NOT a busy trail so it’s quite a fun trail. Bring a lunch! There’s a picnic table at the end of the trail so it’s nice.

niagara Falls bench

There are a few bridges on this trail.

Huge plants at the creek. They were HUGE! If I had a pond, I would have at least one.

Niagara Falls plants

Wouldn’t be my blog without pictures of me. Started sweating and my hair on my head gets hot! LOL. EWWW. Told Scott that I need to put a bandana on my head. Scott says he will still date me, even if I look like an Asian Aunt Jemima!

Niagara Falls - Suislaw National Forest Niagara Falls Trail

The falls are awesome. It’s hard to take a picture of the falls because there really isn’t a place to set up to get the whole falls in the picture.  The first fall that you come to is the actual Niagara Falls

Tillamook County, Niagara Falls

Just down the path, you come to another fall…PHEASANT CREEK FALLS. It’s smaller but I bet during the summer, it is a bit bigger when the snow melts

There is a small picnic bench near Pheasant Creek Falls to have a picnic. You just need to hike to get there so no large coolers. he he

This was a great hike for family and kids. I would highly recommend this hike. I can’t wait to grab a map of the Suislaw National Forest so I can discover more trails. It’s not very far from Salem so I’m pretty stoked about it. hahahaha…stoked?

Please let me know if you have done this hike and what you think. Maybe I saw you on the trail that day? Let me know! If you are a blogger, send me your link!

I ended the day at Pacific City. It’s only about 20-30 minutes away so it was nice to end the day.

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3 thoughts on “Oregon Coast – Tillamook County – Niagara Falls and Pheasant Creek Falls

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  2. Hi, I have been searching blogs for someone who did this hike. I want to know if I could do this with my electric wheelchair or do you think the path is too narrow? I wish they would mention this in guides. I have been thinking about starting a blog for accessible hikes for wheelchair users. So many times I went with my husband and the dogs to yet another path/hike that looked promising only to discover there was no way I could get through. So I had to sit and with while husband and dogs went on with their hike. A nice day out suddenly becomes depressing and frustrating. So I try to find out as much as possible about a hike. Sitting and waiting is not all that much fun.:-) nowadays I come prepared and bring my iPad with books on it!

    • The hike is not accessible for wheelchair :(. There are areas that are too just too narrow (where the switchbacks are). I will keep you in mind the next time I hike to see which ones would be perfect for wheelchairs. You can do them and then blog about them!! I would HIGHLY suggest you start your own blog hiking through Oregon by wheelchair :). Please consider joining my Facebook page and posting pictures of those hikes. http://www.facebook.com/Oregonhikes. I have a friend that I can show him that he too can join certain hikes with us!

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