Random Thoughts – My thoughts on an ad in my FITNESS Magazine.

So last night I was talking to Scott (every night around 9 pm or 10pm – we talk), I was pursuing my latest FITNESS magazine and came across an ad and I was almost pissed off. LOL Here is the picture that I saw:

Who the heck works out in a wet suit in the middle of the desert?!?! and that stupid looking wet suit is $100! It’s a Roxy K-Meador 2MM Cross Back Short John wet suit. It even has a LOOOOONG drawn out name for it…Ohhh geez – maybe the length of the name is why it is $100. What got me… the sunglasses!!! It’s $600 AND it’s not really meant to work out in! Maybe walking down Beverly Hills but holy cow – in the middle of a desert in a wet suit??? AHHHH shoot. Dita Raygun sunglasses – never heard of it probably cuz I would NEVER buy $600 pair of sunglasses myself — well I can’t afford that. If you own these sunglasses – please please please tell me what you use them for. Seriously! Please tell me you don’t work out in these sunglasses. Maybe Dita Raygun should send me one and I can give them a better review and let them know what I TRULY think. Or even the wet suit. I will wear it on my next hike, in Central Oregon… Roxy, I wear a size 4 but since it is a wet suit and looks a bit tight – make it a size 6 or even an 8!

Now, looking at the ad a bit more carefully, I was laughing at the fact that she is wearing WEDGE shoes! hahahahaha. WTF? Now, I have NOOOO problem wearing heels. I have some red, hooker, 5+ inch heels that I love wearing when and IF I go clubbing (which is very rare). These wedges are by H&M. Love shopping there – now that is something I can afford BUT still would NEVER NEVER wear them hiking and climbing up on the rocks.

What is the tape for?  I love the color and matches her outfit but seriously it would make some serious ugly tan lines if she kept those on while she is working out. And for tape, it’s $20!!!

OKAY besides the stupid bracelets and necklace that she is sporting – one thing I did like was the watch. Freestyle Shark X 2.0 watch for $95. Pretty neat-o but I would need to have one with a GPS to track my running, hiking, etc. My stupid HTC HD7 doesn’t work. I hate that phone cuz NONE of my running GPS apps work after I update. LOL.

Alright, I’m done ranting about this. I bet ya’ll done reading about it…Until next time! Happy Hiking!!!

Don’t forget to comment if you have ANY of these items and what you use them for!


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