Random Thoughts

Well figured this is MY BLOG, thought I would just randomly write something to say SOMETHING. I am so trying to motivate to finish the last hike I did by myself, what 2 months ago! EEEEK, I hate that I’m a procrastinator – WAIT, I take that back— I have soooo much to do and time goes by way too fast. Here is me “procrastinating”.

Jennifer Piol


I know … scary but I don’t care – obviously!  Otherwise, I would have taken a shower, make up, hair done….hahahahaha….

So, my daughter needs a car. That is probably why I’m not out hiking or in Central Oregon with Scott. I would rather be there than here doing nothing. I’m sad but do really need to get my butt moving in on my blog, Facebook, and HOMEWORK. What was I thinking going back to school. Well, I’m the kinda person that craves to be busy but stupid enough to “over do it”. Ya know what I’m sayin’? he he It’s funny…Mean Girls 2 is playing in the background and so happy I opted to buy a laptop instead of a desktop when my stupid computer got a virus.

You know what just went through my head? The first episode of Real World or was it the second? The Filipino girl that was aired. She was sooo funny. A long ass time ago, she created her own site – her own blog! I looked forward to what she had to say cuz she had some funny stuff on there. Do you believe having a blog was that old?!?!?! I’m old – almost 39!!! and discovering a blog – I’m old. I feel like my dad – “Jee-nee-PER, how do you do this??” Trying my best impression to talk like my dad playing with his iPhone.

OHHHHH SHIT! I left my shoes soaking in bleach water for too long! I need to go check on it. Hopefully it didn’t eat the glue off the shoe! DAMMMMMMITTTT!

I think I’m OK. Now it’s in the washer to wash off the bleach. It did take some of the NIKE symbol off. he he.  That’s OK, I’ll “ghetto-ize” it by taking a sharpie and coloring that in. Here are my shoes.

There are also a pair of KEDS or is it Converse? with the NIKE shoes. My girls are rough are their shoes and don’t care that white shoes should be white. Oh well. It’s their shoes. OKAY, wondering why I put the shoes in bleach. Look below:

THIS IS MO…He’s a jerk and pisses IN my shoes! His name is FAT MO because he’s soooooo FAT! Original name huh? Yeah NOT. Any hoo, I was talking about that Real World earlier…I was looking through the internet to find a pic of Ms. Filipina girl and found pictures of the first season 1, New York, 1992 – ONE YEAR AFTER I graduated from High School! Do the math – 1992-1 = 1991 : GO SPARTANS!

For all disclosure purposes, this picture was taken from here: http://tvjunkiesunite.files.wordpress.com/2010/11/yaua1jucx0zl7m4.jpg

I can’t find her…Bummer. I’ll look some more when I have more time — hahahahahaha maybe next year?  Well, it looks like me and my friend Kimberly are gonna grab a bottle of wine and enjoy the rest of the night. Of course, I didn’t get anything else done around here. LOL


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