Mount Hood National Forest – Timothy Lake / Little Crater Lake



June 16-17, 2012

Info: Timothy Lake — To me this is the ultimate in camping in the Mt. Hood National Forest area. There are four campgrounds at Timothy Lake with a total of over 200 spaces. Hoodview Campground and Gone Creek Campground are the most scenic with a spectacular view of Mt. Hood. Oakfork and Pine Pointare excellent but the view is not quite as good. The lake is man-made and a good size for boating, fishing, canoeing and windsurfing. We used to sail there and because we always went on a Monday, we were often the only boat on the lake. It is also a good lake for crawdad (crayfish) fishing. The lake is restocked three times a year. There is a hiking trail around the lake. All of the high mountain lakes in this area are good for mushroom hunting in the fall after the first heavy rain. The lake is inaccessable during the winter months because of heavy snow but it is generally open by Memorial Day.

All sites have picnic tables and fire rings. Water and pit type toilets are provided. Firewood is available for a charge.

Warning: Because the lake is man-made, there are tree stumps hidden under the water around the edge of the lake. Lower your boat speed when close to shore.

Little Crater Lake: — . Little it is: a jewel of a pond, its color an iridescent blue-green. The paved path to the lake leads through a moist meadow blooming all summer with a succession of wildflowers; the tall stalks of white-blossomed hellebore held sway on our last visit. From Little Crater Lake it’s just a few more minutes to Crater Creek, perfect for dipping toes on a hot day. At this point you’re on the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT), with plenty of options to extend the day’s hike.

Directions: to Timothy Lake campground:

GPS Info. (Latitude, Longitude):
45.10944, -121.79306
45°6’34″N, 121°47’35″W

From Sandy, Oregon, travel east on Highway 26 for approximately 40 miles to Skyline Road/Road 42. Turn right and continue south for about 9 miles. Turn right on Forest Service Road 57 and travel west for 2 miles. Turn right at the Hood View Campground entrance sign.

Jenn’s View: We camped at Timothy Lake at the Oak Fork Campground in Mount Hood National Forest. Camping with Jodi Williams and family, Jennifer Rasmussen and family, Clark Brown, Jennifer and Eric and family, and of course, Scott Wenger and boys. It’s always a blast camping with my friends – they have some NICE stuff so it makes it super comfy and they cook like no other! Thanks Jodi and Jennifer for cooking such awesome meals. I think I gained 20 plus pounds!! And drank all weekend. Didn’t get a chance to go on the kayaks though. Just ran out of time. Ohhhh poop! The weather was absolutely beautiful. Friday night was super cold but Saturday night was actually nice. Sunny and in the 70’s.

We had a carpenter ant invasion Saturday. Clark recorded it Saturday night. Once I see it on you tube, I will upload it on here. it’s the funniest and scariest stuff!

Our campfire

Did I mention the food? Oh yummy! Jennifer and Dave brought their dutch oven and on Saturday night they cooked BBQ ribs in it. Then for father’s day they cooked bacon, potatoes, garlic, and seasoning. YUMMERS!!!! They had this kitchen set up that was amaze-balls! They sure do camp!

We sat at the dock for a little bit watching Clark try to fish from the docks. Saturday morning, Clark and one of Jennifer R’s son caught 8 trouts! I would have taken alot of pictures but my STUPID ARSE TMOBILE HTC HD7 sucks! The battery gets drained so fast and Makaila took my car charger and left it in one of her friends car. Idiot!

Picture of Jodi’s son Payden. Watz up with the flat bill and the stickers left on the hat? Sheez, I’m old cuz I think it looks silly but thats the “IN STYLE”

Payden Williams

Picture of Timothy Lake at dusk. It was quite calm but the mosquitoes. Oh dear lord the mosquitoes. I think I had 10 layers of different bug sprays but they seem to have long suckers because they went through my wool socks!

timothy Lake

Remember this is all taken from my camera phone. Not the best quality picture and try to Photoshop the best I could to lighten and brighten the pictures. Sorry guys – eventually, I will afford a nice camera.

Saturday day Timothy Lake was like a mirror. It was so calm and so a bunch of them went kayaking. Scott and boys decided to hike to Little Crater Lake. Base on the map that Ranger Joe (not sure what the camp patrol person’s name was but we will just call him that – he’s not even a ranger!) gave us, it looked like it was 2-3 miles one way and I heard it was real easy to do. Since Friday night was super cold, I didn’t get a very good night’s sleep so my body was screaming for rest. But who can sleep with people screaming, yelling from the docks, boat motors, etc. Scott had to leave for Washougal, WA to get to his parent’s house for Father’s Day but we wanted to get a hike in. So we took the Pacific Crest Trail to Little Crater Lake.

Pacific Crest Trail Pacific Crest Trail

On our way there, we heard rushing waters. I thought it was a waterfall and it sorta was.

So our calculations were off in regards to length. When we crossed the bridge, followed North (love my little compass I have on my backpack), we came to another sign that states 4 miles. So round trip it was gonna be over 8 miles…OHHHH MY. That might be a little too long for a 5 (almost 6) year old boy. The one that complained a bit was the 11 year old boy. 🙂 He was a trooper, we almost made it. We were a little less than 2 miles away before we turned around.

Timothy Lake to Little Crater Lake Pacific Crest Scenic Trail

We turned around little less than 2 miles to go. On Sunday, a bunch of us drove there. As Clark states, “This is THE shortest hike I have ever done”. To get there, it’s only 250 yards! Here are pictures that I took as well as Jennifer Rasmussen.

Little Crater Lake

Taken by Jennifer Rasmussen

Little Crater Path Lttle Crater lake

Taken by Jennifer Rasmussen

Read about how this Little Crater Lake was formed. It’s an Artesian spring and was formed by an earthquake or a shift or something like that. he he

Mount Hood National Forest Little Crater Lake

There are quite a few trails in Mount Hood and I absolutely miss it! I use to do so much camping/hiking in the area and haven’t been back but I will. Hoping to do more scrambles in the area! Clark promises to take me on some of the geo caching which are like my scrambles!


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