Random Thoughts – PINTEREST! Nature Scavenger Hunt


Pinterest Nature Scavenger Hunt

So, I’m super obsessed, okay maybe not super but pretty duper excited about Pinterest. If you haven’t heard of Pinterest, I can invite you in, just leave a comment and your email and you will join the club of the obsessed. It’s just a great way to organize stuff found on the web on to these “boards” that you create. You get to look at everyone else’s pins and then re-pin, like, or comment on it. I can spend HOURS on this pinning. LOL.  Just click on the Pinterest picture below. (if it doesn’t work, go here: http://pinterest.com/hikerjenn/)


This one I found pretty exciting. My teenagers may not think so but for Scott’s boys, I think this would be a GREAT activity for small kids on a nature walk or hike or camping. We went on that hike in Mt. Hood during our camping trip and the boys got a little bored just walking. You get a lot of whining or feet hurting or complaints but if you keep them engaged and occupied, it makes for a great hike and I bet they would think it’s fun! (Along with bringing big water guns and playing hide and seek in the woods — ohhhh that would make for another blog entry!) The above picture was taken from a pin I got from Pinterest (http://pinterest.com/pin/121456521171099575/). Normally, when you click on the picture it will take you straight to the website it was taken from and then tell you more about the picture, idea, craft, what ever… this one, nope. It lead me to some thing called the Taylor House. Hmmmm. Weird. (It’s late and have to get to bed – I have a regular job and shouldn’t really be doing this — Gosh darn it!) Anyways, back on the subject. To get smaller kids out for the summer HIKING (my favorite word of the day, evening, century, millennium…Geez, Jenn get with it), I would create a small scavenger hunt for them. Instead of “just hiking in the woods”, they can keep an eye out for “stuff” found on the trail. OR give them a small disposable camera and have a list of what pictures they need to take. Cross your fingers – I will experiment on my little nieces, nephews, friend’s kids and see if it is a great activity! I will do a follow up to this maybe after summer and post pictures of the experience…. OOOOHHHHH sooo excited. Oh now I’ve done it! My mind is gonna start racing and won’t be able to get up for my 6 a.m. wake up call!

Leave a comment and let me know if you do something similar with your outdoor activities?

(It’s really late because even the misspelled words and grammatical errors – they all look right!!!)


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