Opal Creek Wilderness – Nasty Rock Trail #3356


Opal Creek Wilderness Nasty Rock Trail

September 4, 2012

Info:  From the Forest Service Land site (http://www.fs.usda.gov/recarea/willamette/recreation/hiking/recarea?recid=4255&actid=51). The official portion of this trail is 1.6 miles long on Forest Service Land. The trail aggressively climbs toward the ridgeline to the northwest. Once you reach the ridgeline, the trail turns more northeasterly traversing on the ridgeline towards Nasty Rock. This portion of the trail is not officially maintained by the Forest Service, therefore will likely be extremely challenging to navigate.

Directions:From Salem, travel East on Hwy 22 to milepost 23 at the Swiss Village Restaurant. Turn left on North Fork Road, which is marked “Little North Santiam Recreation Area”. To access Nasty Rock Trailhead, travel about 20.5 miles on road 2209 and keep an eye out for the post with hiker symbol on the left. Parking is approximately 100 feet before trailhead on the right at a dispersed camping site.

Jenn’s View: Hot diggity dog this trail was hard. 🙂 It was a steep incline from the very beginning to the point where we had to turn back. It reminded me of Henline Mountain Trail. I actually did that trail 3 times but each time I hit snow. Besides, I was in better shape last year so it wasn’t too hard. Tons of switchbacks on this trail, I thought I was gonna die. he he. I can’t find good information about this trail. Probably because its OK. There’s not really any great views of the mountain range. One site I did find, states that you would be able to see the Little North Fork Valley, Elkhorn Ridge, Henline Mountain, Battle Axe Mountain, and Mount Jefferson. I didn’t reach that area. I guess you are suppose to be able to see Nasty Rock. Not sure if it looks like a pile of rocks and they just call it Nasty Rock or that it looks like a mountain/hill and call it Nasty Rock. I found this trail on my map and thought, “Why Not?”. It’s a trail that I haven’t hit and was looking for something short to do. Just wasn’t expecting it to be that hard. There are two Nasty Rock. I was just looking at it. Maybe the one area is the actual “Nasty Rock”.

Makaila went with me and she was telling me WHY she doesn’t like to go with me. I’m trying to kill her. hahahahaha. What a dork. There’s not much to talk about this trail other than it was hard. It was a perfect day but prefer it to be a little bit colder. I took pictures of the rock boulders thinking may be one of these maybe Nasty Rock.

Makaila started shaking so I think her blood sugar level was low and I gave her my banana and ate my hard boiled egg. Normally, I would have a cliff bar or beef jerky or trail mix with me. Some times a Subway Sammich. We had to turn around approximately more than 1/2 way through our hike. We had to get back to Alesia’s first game! 🙂

Nasty Rock Trail 3356

I thought this was a mushroom growing off a tree but when I touched it, it was hard as a rock so I don’t think it is.

I would recommend this hike if you are looking for something short to do and not really caring if you don’t see much of anything. Saw the BLM guys and talk to them for a second or two just asking how far the trail goes to and they asked how far I wanted to go. Oh geez. They were no help. They were running down the trail and “whoop whoop” down the way. he he. Fun fun!


Random Thoughts – My thoughts on an ad in my FITNESS Magazine.

So last night I was talking to Scott (every night around 9 pm or 10pm – we talk), I was pursuing my latest FITNESS magazine and came across an ad and I was almost pissed off. LOL Here is the picture that I saw:

Who the heck works out in a wet suit in the middle of the desert?!?! and that stupid looking wet suit is $100! It’s a Roxy K-Meador 2MM Cross Back Short John wet suit. It even has a LOOOOONG drawn out name for it…Ohhh geez – maybe the length of the name is why it is $100. What got me… the sunglasses!!! It’s $600 AND it’s not really meant to work out in! Maybe walking down Beverly Hills but holy cow – in the middle of a desert in a wet suit??? AHHHH shoot. Dita Raygun sunglasses – never heard of it probably cuz I would NEVER buy $600 pair of sunglasses myself — well I can’t afford that. If you own these sunglasses – please please please tell me what you use them for. Seriously! Please tell me you don’t work out in these sunglasses. Maybe Dita Raygun should send me one and I can give them a better review and let them know what I TRULY think. Or even the wet suit. I will wear it on my next hike, in Central Oregon… Roxy, I wear a size 4 but since it is a wet suit and looks a bit tight – make it a size 6 or even an 8!

Now, looking at the ad a bit more carefully, I was laughing at the fact that she is wearing WEDGE shoes! hahahahaha. WTF? Now, I have NOOOO problem wearing heels. I have some red, hooker, 5+ inch heels that I love wearing when and IF I go clubbing (which is very rare). These wedges are by H&M. Love shopping there – now that is something I can afford BUT still would NEVER NEVER wear them hiking and climbing up on the rocks.

What is the tape for?  I love the color and matches her outfit but seriously it would make some serious ugly tan lines if she kept those on while she is working out. And for tape, it’s $20!!!

OKAY besides the stupid bracelets and necklace that she is sporting – one thing I did like was the watch. Freestyle Shark X 2.0 watch for $95. Pretty neat-o but I would need to have one with a GPS to track my running, hiking, etc. My stupid HTC HD7 doesn’t work. I hate that phone cuz NONE of my running GPS apps work after I update. LOL.

Alright, I’m done ranting about this. I bet ya’ll done reading about it…Until next time! Happy Hiking!!!

Don’t forget to comment if you have ANY of these items and what you use them for!

Random Thoughts

Well figured this is MY BLOG, thought I would just randomly write something to say SOMETHING. I am so trying to motivate to finish the last hike I did by myself, what 2 months ago! EEEEK, I hate that I’m a procrastinator – WAIT, I take that back— I have soooo much to do and time goes by way too fast. Here is me “procrastinating”.

Jennifer Piol


I know … scary but I don’t care – obviously!  Otherwise, I would have taken a shower, make up, hair done….hahahahaha….

So, my daughter needs a car. That is probably why I’m not out hiking or in Central Oregon with Scott. I would rather be there than here doing nothing. I’m sad but do really need to get my butt moving in on my blog, Facebook, and HOMEWORK. What was I thinking going back to school. Well, I’m the kinda person that craves to be busy but stupid enough to “over do it”. Ya know what I’m sayin’? he he It’s funny…Mean Girls 2 is playing in the background and so happy I opted to buy a laptop instead of a desktop when my stupid computer got a virus.

You know what just went through my head? The first episode of Real World or was it the second? The Filipino girl that was aired. She was sooo funny. A long ass time ago, she created her own site – her own blog! I looked forward to what she had to say cuz she had some funny stuff on there. Do you believe having a blog was that old?!?!?! I’m old – almost 39!!! and discovering a blog – I’m old. I feel like my dad – “Jee-nee-PER, how do you do this??” Trying my best impression to talk like my dad playing with his iPhone.

OHHHHH SHIT! I left my shoes soaking in bleach water for too long! I need to go check on it. Hopefully it didn’t eat the glue off the shoe! DAMMMMMMITTTT!

I think I’m OK. Now it’s in the washer to wash off the bleach. It did take some of the NIKE symbol off. he he.  That’s OK, I’ll “ghetto-ize” it by taking a sharpie and coloring that in. Here are my shoes.

There are also a pair of KEDS or is it Converse? with the NIKE shoes. My girls are rough are their shoes and don’t care that white shoes should be white. Oh well. It’s their shoes. OKAY, wondering why I put the shoes in bleach. Look below:

THIS IS MO…He’s a jerk and pisses IN my shoes! His name is FAT MO because he’s soooooo FAT! Original name huh? Yeah NOT. Any hoo, I was talking about that Real World earlier…I was looking through the internet to find a pic of Ms. Filipina girl and found pictures of the first season 1, New York, 1992 – ONE YEAR AFTER I graduated from High School! Do the math – 1992-1 = 1991 : GO SPARTANS!

For all disclosure purposes, this picture was taken from here: http://tvjunkiesunite.files.wordpress.com/2010/11/yaua1jucx0zl7m4.jpg

I can’t find her…Bummer. I’ll look some more when I have more time — hahahahahaha maybe next year?  Well, it looks like me and my friend Kimberly are gonna grab a bottle of wine and enjoy the rest of the night. Of course, I didn’t get anything else done around here. LOL

Oregon Beach – Pacific City / Cape Kiwanda


Cape Kiwanda

April 22, 2012

Info: Taken from the Oregon State Parks and Recreation site (http://www.oregonstateparks.org/park_180.php)

Cape Kiwanda is part of the Three Capes Scenic Route (along with Cape Meares and Cape Lookout). Kiwanda is the smallest of the three, but it’s one of the best places to experience spectacular wave action. Pacific City is the home of the Pacific Dory Fleet. South of Cape Kiwanda is the dory boat launching area. North of Cape Kiwanda to Tierra Del Mar is a stretch of beach popular with picnickers. Kiwanda provides great hang gliding and kite flying opportunities.

Vital stats
There is no fee to use this park. For information, call 1-800-551-6949.

Jenn’s View: Well, all I got to say is this is one my FAVORITE beaches to visit. We have a great way to exercise up the sand hill and/or Cape Kiwanda State Natural area and that’s a work out in itself. Places to sit and enjoy the views as you can tell from the above picture. Look at my hike in the Suislaw National Forest and this is minutes from these hikes. Go do those hikes and end in Pacific City for food and watch the sunset.



Shadowlynn enjoying the beach! Muffy enjoying the beach Jennifer Piol enjoying the beach

This is the day I did the two hikes above and decided to end the day at Pacific City. It is a popular beach so do expect a lot of people ON the beach. Cape Kiwanda wasn’t too bad. I still love it. This time I didn’t go with Scott :(. I really wanted to go to his house in Terrebonne but something came up so I decided to go by myself and find these hikes. I’m so happy I did. I did take Scott to Pacific City a few weekends later and he absolutely loves it. I absolutely loved it because I was with him….awwwwwwww….sappy, I know!

So, I changed shoes and decided to change into sand shoes… he he… No hiking shoes this time! I don’t know why these are sandshoes – I guess they dry quickly if they get wet but dang I ended with the whole darn beach IN my shoes.

Pacific City / Cape Kiwanda

Cape Kiwanda is hike up. Oh gosh…I was pretty tired after hiking a couple hikes and then trying to control the dogs to stay with me and not chase the people running down the hill. Shadowlynn is pretty scary when she goes after someone. She will get shot one of these days. Muffy is the instigator though!

Oregon Beach Oregon Beach Oregon Beach

Got some great shots while I was on the beach. My favorite shot is me sitting on the edge watching the ocean.

Oregon Beach

Oregon Beach

Oregon Beach

Maybe or maybe not, you can see the algae that is on the rocks. Well, when I was taking a picture of the cave, I slipped on the darn algae and almost fell in. That would be NOT good. Muffy and Shadowlynn may follow after me. Someone did see me slip and freaked out. He was being smart and said he may have had to jump in after me to save me….yea right!

Oregon Beach

See the sea of algae on the rocks. Be careful since it’s real slippery.

Sea of Algae

These are the shots that I got that almost made me fall in to the dark abyss of the water! And if you know me, I’m actually scared of the ocean. You know the sharks, giant squids, the UNKNOWN!

Oregon Beach

Oregon Beach Cave

Of course, I highly recommend this beach. Hopefully it’s not crowded for you all.  I’ve added more pictures below. Some were taken by my camera phone which isn’t all that great but oh well. I’m not claiming to be a professional photographer or even an amateur photographer!

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Oregon Coast – Tillamook County – Clarence Creek Falls


APRIL 22. 2012

Info: From the Waterfall Northwest Society (http://www.waterfallsnorthwest.com/nws/falls.php?num=4087) The Forest Service has advertised Clarence Creek Falls by sign along the Nestucca River Road. What neither the Forest Service has done, nor does the book “A Waterfall Lover’s Guide to the Pacific Northwest”, is identify which of the two waterfalls along Clarence Creek is intended this designation. Topographic maps delimitate the different falls, but the lower of the two falls is near impossible to see, especially if not watching carefully. The lower falls consists of three sliding steps, totaling about 60 feet. A significant amount of foreshortening doesn’t allow the falls’ size to truly be illustrated, and a twist in the gorge at the falls obstructs the upper tiers from being seen from all but a few perspectives. Because the upper and lower falls of Clarence Creek are located within about 500 feet of one another, I’m designating them as lower and upper. Unfortunately neither fall is easy to see because there are no developed trails or viewpoints, this being the vastly more difficult to see.
  1. On Hwy 101 south of Tillamook enter the town of Beaver.
  2. Near milepost 80 turn onto the road signed as “Upper Nestucca River Recreation Area” and “Blaine”.
    Note the mileposts on this road as you travel.
  3. After 6.7 miles you’ll reach the town of Blaine. Where the road branches
    note the sign stating “Carlton”. Head straight towards Carlton on Road 858.
  4. At milepost 11.7 look for a left turn on a road with a “Road Closed” sign.
    You will note the following sign for Road 8300

Jenn’s View: This fall would be so amazing to photograph if only I was brave enough to climb down. It would be better if I had rope and someone with me to climb down. I know EXACTLY where I would set up my tripod and take 1000+ pictures to get that ONE great picture. LOL. Now, the directions in the  book SUCKS! I was lost and missed my turn by 10+ miles! I ended up in some National Forest (probably Suislaw National Forest) and man did I need to go Pee. Awww Geez. Who reads this anyways?   So, not really sure where I was. I think I saw Forest Road 8838 (?) so I know I was waaaayyy off. I didn’t see anyone on the road so I couldn’t ask. I ended up driving on some gravel road and there was a fork in the road so I turned around and headed back. When I was coming back on the road and back tracking, I saw a sign that said Clarence Creek Falls. I remembered that was very close to the falls I really wanted to go to – Niagara Falls. I turned on to that road.  Its Forest Road 8300 – you are on the right road!

The next sign is on the road and it’s pretty much a warning. Just remember there are traps and your dogs can get seriously hurt.

Tillamook - Clarence Creek Falls

I couldn’t get a picture of the falls. I drove up and down trying to figure out how to get down there but nope, nada. ANYONE ACTUALLY GOT DOWN HERE???? Well, let me know! There has been people who got a shot of this. Here is one by Bryan Swan.

Tillamook Oregon, Suislaw national Forest

If anyone can get a shot like this….Please Please Please comment and let me know where I can find your pictures!

Oregon Coast – Tillamook County – Niagara Falls and Pheasant Creek Falls


Tillamook County, Niagara Falls Tillamook County - Pheasant Creek Falls

April 22, 2012

Info: taken from Trails NW website (http://www.trailsnw.com/index.php?fuseaction=Trails.DisplayTrail&hike_num=174)

This is a short hike great for all seasons. If you are taking a trip to the coast and want to get a short hike in this is a great one. The two waterfalls at the end of the short trial rival those found in the Gorge or Silver Creek state park. From the Car Park the trail descends down the side of a creek bed to the confluence of Pheasant and Niagara creeks. The end of the trail is at the head of Niagara creek bed where both Niagra creek and pheasant creek plunge off of the cliff edge. The impressive thing about this trial is that both waterfalls are in the same spot, where the creeks come together.

Directions: From Highway 101 in Beaver:
Travel east on Blaine Road for 6 miles. At Blaine Junction go east on Upper Nestucca River Road for 5.8 miles to Forest Road 8533. Go south 4.3 miles to Forest Road 8533-131. Turn right at the junction and travel 0.7 miles to trailhead parking.

Jenn’s View: Great hike! Very easy and short and you are rewarded with two falls within yards of each other! Great hike for both the dogs! Shadowlynn and Muffy had an awesome time. The directions in my hiking book were WAAAAYYYY off. I did miss it by over 10 miles.  There are NO signs pointing to the falls and the road looks like it belongs on someone’s property. This is the only landmark I can find that MAY help you find this trail. The road after the blue building is the trail that leads to Clarence Creek Falls!

Tillamook County - Niagara Falls and Pheasant Creek Falls

I wish I wrote the coordinates down for ya’ll but hopefully this marker helps.  There is another sign that will indicate that you are on the right road.

Tillamook County - Suislaw National Forest

So, the road is all gravel. My poor car. It goes through so much abuse. I try to avoid all the pot holes or go real slow but you know how it is.

It’s pretty accurate about it being approximately 4 miles to the trail head. The road goes on forever and there is a fork in the road. The sign is small and skinny so be watching for it. It doesn’t indicate that it is Niagara Falls so I turned and sure enough, it was.

Niagara Falls - Suislaw National Forest

The trail is pretty and short. My puppies really enjoyed it, especially Muffy. I normally don’t bring Muffy with me cuz she is so small. I’m always afraid something will swoop down and grab her. The beginning of the trail

Shadowlynn on the trail

This is a great trail for families and all levels of fitness. It is not a difficult trail because they have alot of places to rest and the trail is not long. It is also NOT a busy trail so it’s quite a fun trail. Bring a lunch! There’s a picnic table at the end of the trail so it’s nice.

niagara Falls bench

There are a few bridges on this trail.

Huge plants at the creek. They were HUGE! If I had a pond, I would have at least one.

Niagara Falls plants

Wouldn’t be my blog without pictures of me. Started sweating and my hair on my head gets hot! LOL. EWWW. Told Scott that I need to put a bandana on my head. Scott says he will still date me, even if I look like an Asian Aunt Jemima!

Niagara Falls - Suislaw National Forest Niagara Falls Trail

The falls are awesome. It’s hard to take a picture of the falls because there really isn’t a place to set up to get the whole falls in the picture.  The first fall that you come to is the actual Niagara Falls

Tillamook County, Niagara Falls

Just down the path, you come to another fall…PHEASANT CREEK FALLS. It’s smaller but I bet during the summer, it is a bit bigger when the snow melts

There is a small picnic bench near Pheasant Creek Falls to have a picnic. You just need to hike to get there so no large coolers. he he

This was a great hike for family and kids. I would highly recommend this hike. I can’t wait to grab a map of the Suislaw National Forest so I can discover more trails. It’s not very far from Salem so I’m pretty stoked about it. hahahaha…stoked?

Please let me know if you have done this hike and what you think. Maybe I saw you on the trail that day? Let me know! If you are a blogger, send me your link!

I ended the day at Pacific City. It’s only about 20-30 minutes away so it was nice to end the day.

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