Opal Creek Wilderness – Nasty Rock Trail #3356


Opal Creek Wilderness Nasty Rock Trail

September 4, 2012

Info:  From the Forest Service Land site (http://www.fs.usda.gov/recarea/willamette/recreation/hiking/recarea?recid=4255&actid=51). The official portion of this trail is 1.6 miles long on Forest Service Land. The trail aggressively climbs toward the ridgeline to the northwest. Once you reach the ridgeline, the trail turns more northeasterly traversing on the ridgeline towards Nasty Rock. This portion of the trail is not officially maintained by the Forest Service, therefore will likely be extremely challenging to navigate.

Directions:From Salem, travel East on Hwy 22 to milepost 23 at the Swiss Village Restaurant. Turn left on North Fork Road, which is marked “Little North Santiam Recreation Area”. To access Nasty Rock Trailhead, travel about 20.5 miles on road 2209 and keep an eye out for the post with hiker symbol on the left. Parking is approximately 100 feet before trailhead on the right at a dispersed camping site.

Jenn’s View: Hot diggity dog this trail was hard. 🙂 It was a steep incline from the very beginning to the point where we had to turn back. It reminded me of Henline Mountain Trail. I actually did that trail 3 times but each time I hit snow. Besides, I was in better shape last year so it wasn’t too hard. Tons of switchbacks on this trail, I thought I was gonna die. he he. I can’t find good information about this trail. Probably because its OK. There’s not really any great views of the mountain range. One site I did find, states that you would be able to see the Little North Fork Valley, Elkhorn Ridge, Henline Mountain, Battle Axe Mountain, and Mount Jefferson. I didn’t reach that area. I guess you are suppose to be able to see Nasty Rock. Not sure if it looks like a pile of rocks and they just call it Nasty Rock or that it looks like a mountain/hill and call it Nasty Rock. I found this trail on my map and thought, “Why Not?”. It’s a trail that I haven’t hit and was looking for something short to do. Just wasn’t expecting it to be that hard. There are two Nasty Rock. I was just looking at it. Maybe the one area is the actual “Nasty Rock”.

Makaila went with me and she was telling me WHY she doesn’t like to go with me. I’m trying to kill her. hahahahaha. What a dork. There’s not much to talk about this trail other than it was hard. It was a perfect day but prefer it to be a little bit colder. I took pictures of the rock boulders thinking may be one of these maybe Nasty Rock.

Makaila started shaking so I think her blood sugar level was low and I gave her my banana and ate my hard boiled egg. Normally, I would have a cliff bar or beef jerky or trail mix with me. Some times a Subway Sammich. We had to turn around approximately more than 1/2 way through our hike. We had to get back to Alesia’s first game! 🙂

Nasty Rock Trail 3356

I thought this was a mushroom growing off a tree but when I touched it, it was hard as a rock so I don’t think it is.

I would recommend this hike if you are looking for something short to do and not really caring if you don’t see much of anything. Saw the BLM guys and talk to them for a second or two just asking how far the trail goes to and they asked how far I wanted to go. Oh geez. They were no help. They were running down the trail and “whoop whoop” down the way. he he. Fun fun!


Mt. Jefferson Wilderness – Coffin Lookout Trail #3392


mt. Jefferson Wilderness Coffin Lookout Trail

July 5, 2012

Info: (from Jenn’s Hiking book – Oregon Hiking) From a distance, it’s easy to see how Coffin Mountain got its name. This square and prominent peak atop a wall of cliffs certainly resembles a giant’s final resting place, but those cliffs are deceptive; along the backside, an easy trail climbs to a staffed lookout tower – a 16 square foot box that, if you’re lucky, you may be able to visit. You’ll see why these five towers are still staffed on the way up; the trail passes through an old burn being repopulated by young noble fir and sub-alpine fir. From the trailhead, follow the old bulldozer road and finally trail up 1.5 miles to the peak.

Directions: Drive east of Salem 69 miles on OR 22. It’s about 21 miles from the Detroit Ranger Station (EAST). Turn rt on Road 11 – Straight Creek Road. Travel for about 4 miles to forest road 1168 (Do not turn at first 1168 junction). Turn right on road 1168, travel for about 3.5 miles to trailhead.

User Groups:Hikers, dogs, and mountain bikes. No horses allowed. No wheelchair facilities. 😦

Jenn’s View: I think this is my favorite so far for 2012. You have such a great view of the whole Cascades. It’s so nice. You see Three Sisters, Three Finger Jack, Mt. Bachelor (?), Mt. Jefferson. It’s so quiet and great. I had to find a different way to get up there since I frickin hit snow!

Mt. Jefferson Wilderness - Coffin Lookout Trail

I started slipping and sliding all over the place but I THOUGHT I could get around it. Dang it, not Superwoman! I just realized that Shadowlynn absolutely LOVES snow. She was jumping, running and eating the snow. It was so comical and then it just hit me – stupid dog hates water and she’s part LAB!

Mt. Jefferson Wilderness - Coffin Lookout Trail

WAIT! I need to start from the beginning. Shadowlynn and snow is like in the middle of my hike. LOL. OK OK, The trail was really easy to find. First thing when I get out of the car, I got bombarded with bugs. I did have a pretty blue moth land on my shoe and as soon as I moved, it flew away. I took my bug spray and sprayed my hair, arms, face, legs. DAMMIT! I forgot my hands and I now have 4 new bug bites. But I’m not really sure if that was from last night from 4th of July and standing outside in the dark. They seem to migrate towards me no matter how much garlic pills I take. I’m still gonna take them cuz I’m gonna do more camping/hiking through the summer. 🙂 It worked all the years I have done it but this year – the bugs are in masses and they attack!

So, I’m not really sure why it’s called Coffin Mountain. Above it states that it looks like a giant’s resting place. I don’t see it. I truly don’t, so I must be blind. he he. If you see it, please let me know.

OK…In the beginning…. The drive up to the trail was magnificent. You immediately see the Cascade mountain ranges and they are beautiful! The first set I saw was Three Sisters and Three Finger Jack.

Click to make it bigger

I got back in my car and started up the road and low and behold, Mt. Jefferson and I think is Mt. Bachelor appeared.  The Mt. Bachelor is the one I’m unsure. It’s too big to be Mt. Washington and Mt. Hood would be rather small to look at. Uhhhh what other mountain is close by? I could be wrong, be that’s rare. JUST KIDDING! OOOHHH OOOHH, also Bachelor Mountain trail is right next door – There it is! It’s Bachelor!

I noticed quite a few “camp spots” along the way. Or at least places where people stopped and created a fire pit.  Why would they just do that unless if they were camping. Kinda weird because it’s so close to the road. Maybe they were car camping. The views would be amazing though to wake up to.

Coffin Lookout Trail

Mt Jefferson Wilderness Coffin Mountain

My poor car…she’s really a city girl but I treat her like a country girl.

Mt. Jefferson and Mt. Bachelor

Click to make it bigger

So, finally got to the trail after “ooohhh-in and aaaahhhh-in” the drive. The trail starts already with a steady climb up… I think the temperature outside was maybe 80+ degrees. With Shadowlynn’s black fur and my black fur (hair), we get HOT fast! I normally bring my daughter’s white hankerchief but couldn’t find it in my pack. Oh well. Maybe that is why Shadowlynn and I kinda had a hard time with this small hike. It was just too darn hot BUT the visibility was so clear that I didn’t mind too much. There were quite a few wildflowers along the way. I bet this trail is soooo pretty in the spring when it’s really alive with color. I will add this trail to my list at the beginning of Spring for next year.

Mt. Jefferson Wilderness Coffin Lookout Trail

Mt. Jefferson Wilderness Coffin Lookout Trail

Shadowlynn sniffin’ the flowers

Mt. Jefferson Coffin Lookout Trail Mt. Jefferson Coffin Lookout Trail

On our way up we met a man with two dogs and a little girl (Sounds like a beginning of a joke). She looked like she was about 4 years old. Super duper cutey.  A little bit further, met two girls having lunch. When we passed them, they asked if that rock formation was the destination…I told them, “I think so”. They said, “Was afraid you would say that – looks hard to get up there”.  Coffin Lookout Trail Mt. Jefferson Coffin Lookout Trail I took a picture of the lovely hikers that were on the trail with me. The guy with the little girl stopped. It looked like they may have had lunch there too. They didn’t continue up the mountain because at one point, I think I saw them heading back down. Lunch

It was hard. The climb was short but hard in the heat. There were no more shade until you reached the top. But like I mentioned before, the views are amazing and they only get better! I’m hoping when I come back in the fall… I will see the meadow below just full of color. It would be such a great shot. Not sure if I like that hill in front of Jefferson though to be in the shot.

Mt. Jefferson

So, we are continuing on with the trail and it was pretty strange that we were heading AWAY from the rock formation. On top of the formation was some sort of radio tower, thinking that was gonna be part of the “Lookout” tower. I thought maybe there will be some sort of switchback that will lead me straight towards that rock formation. Nope, that’s when Shadowlynn and I ran into the snow.

Snow Snow I tried to climb over the snow but I just kept slippin and slidin’. I just kept thinking that I can do it but all I saw was even deeper snow and a steep hill that would hurt if I slid down. he he. So, needless to say, Shadowlynn and I decided to turn around. We started heading back and decided, let’s just scramble up to the top, no trail or not. Sheez, can’t get lost. It’s too open and you can see the main trail below. We headed for the radio tower.

Radio Tower I did see the two girls that I encountered earlier on their way up. I was gonna yell at them to follow me or turn around because of snow. Nope. I decided, they saw me and hopefully when they encounter the snow, they would just do what I did. :). When I reached the top of the hill and started heading for the tower, I did a quick look around and right behind me I see this………………………

Coffin Lookout Tower

OHHHH I felt like a little kid that just found a treasure! I was wondering why the trail was leading me away from what I thought was Coffin Mountain. We were heading towards the tower.  While I was taking pictures of the tower from here, I started getting bit by red ants. Damn thing has HUGE pincers. I killed one but like 10 ants took it’s place. I packed the camera away and RAN towards the tower. Duh, all I had to do was step IN the snow and the ants wouldn’t follow.  I was also trying to get coordinates from the GPS app I downloaded on my phone. Stupid thing won’t work. I’m telling you, I need GARMIN to sponsor my hikes and let me test some of their GPS hand held navigation systems and Coleman or OFF to let me review the best darn bug sprays for hikes.  LOL. Well, I can dream big. Well, if I’m dreaming – I would get PAID for each hike review I did. Sheez, wouldn’t that be nice! Get paid to do something you absolutely love. he he.

I started heading that way and noticed that there was a path in the snow that people have already created. It didn’t look fresh so I know the dad with the little girl wasn’t up here. The two girls were taking A LOT of breaks and was probably in the same spot I saw them when I started climbing towards the radio tower.

Snow trail Did I tell you, Shadowlynn LOVES the snow. Dumb dog – I hate the snow! he he

Mount Jefferson came into view a lot closer when we got to the tower. The views are simply breathtaking when you get up there. You can see EVERYWHERE. I saw a body of water and I assume that is Detroit Lake. I could be wrong, but I doubt it. I kinda looked inside the tower and it was pretty clean. The deck was made of composite wood – how do I know that? My ex owned a construction business building decks and this is what he mainly used. I know what screws to put in them and how to screw the hole deck down. That’s a whole different story.

The rocks that the Lookout tower was sitting on was pretty amazing. I still don’t see it looking like a coffin though.

Coffin Lookout Trail Coffin Lookout Tower Coffin Lookout Tower

Mt. Jefferson

When we got to the top, I finally got to look at Mt. Bachelor. I bet this mountain is gorgeous up close.

Mt. Bachelor

It’s late…It’s way past my bedtime and I have had a whole week + off from work. I have to start programming my body to go to bed early so I can get up around 6am. Maybe to exercise? Yeah right. I will post the pictures below as a slideshow so you can see extra pictures.  I am curious to find out how many of you out there that reads this blog, has stayed the night in one of these lookout towers? I think it would be pretty awesome and would like to get your take.. Leave me a message if you have stayed the night in a Lookout tower! Happy Hiking all!

Mt. Jefferson Coffin Lookout Trail

It’s Jenn! Wouldn’t be my blog without a picture of me! 🙂

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Oregon Beach – Pacific City / Cape Kiwanda


Cape Kiwanda

April 22, 2012

Info: Taken from the Oregon State Parks and Recreation site (http://www.oregonstateparks.org/park_180.php)

Cape Kiwanda is part of the Three Capes Scenic Route (along with Cape Meares and Cape Lookout). Kiwanda is the smallest of the three, but it’s one of the best places to experience spectacular wave action. Pacific City is the home of the Pacific Dory Fleet. South of Cape Kiwanda is the dory boat launching area. North of Cape Kiwanda to Tierra Del Mar is a stretch of beach popular with picnickers. Kiwanda provides great hang gliding and kite flying opportunities.

Vital stats
There is no fee to use this park. For information, call 1-800-551-6949.

Jenn’s View: Well, all I got to say is this is one my FAVORITE beaches to visit. We have a great way to exercise up the sand hill and/or Cape Kiwanda State Natural area and that’s a work out in itself. Places to sit and enjoy the views as you can tell from the above picture. Look at my hike in the Suislaw National Forest and this is minutes from these hikes. Go do those hikes and end in Pacific City for food and watch the sunset.



Shadowlynn enjoying the beach! Muffy enjoying the beach Jennifer Piol enjoying the beach

This is the day I did the two hikes above and decided to end the day at Pacific City. It is a popular beach so do expect a lot of people ON the beach. Cape Kiwanda wasn’t too bad. I still love it. This time I didn’t go with Scott :(. I really wanted to go to his house in Terrebonne but something came up so I decided to go by myself and find these hikes. I’m so happy I did. I did take Scott to Pacific City a few weekends later and he absolutely loves it. I absolutely loved it because I was with him….awwwwwwww….sappy, I know!

So, I changed shoes and decided to change into sand shoes… he he… No hiking shoes this time! I don’t know why these are sandshoes – I guess they dry quickly if they get wet but dang I ended with the whole darn beach IN my shoes.

Pacific City / Cape Kiwanda

Cape Kiwanda is hike up. Oh gosh…I was pretty tired after hiking a couple hikes and then trying to control the dogs to stay with me and not chase the people running down the hill. Shadowlynn is pretty scary when she goes after someone. She will get shot one of these days. Muffy is the instigator though!

Oregon Beach Oregon Beach Oregon Beach

Got some great shots while I was on the beach. My favorite shot is me sitting on the edge watching the ocean.

Oregon Beach

Oregon Beach

Oregon Beach

Maybe or maybe not, you can see the algae that is on the rocks. Well, when I was taking a picture of the cave, I slipped on the darn algae and almost fell in. That would be NOT good. Muffy and Shadowlynn may follow after me. Someone did see me slip and freaked out. He was being smart and said he may have had to jump in after me to save me….yea right!

Oregon Beach

See the sea of algae on the rocks. Be careful since it’s real slippery.

Sea of Algae

These are the shots that I got that almost made me fall in to the dark abyss of the water! And if you know me, I’m actually scared of the ocean. You know the sharks, giant squids, the UNKNOWN!

Oregon Beach

Oregon Beach Cave

Of course, I highly recommend this beach. Hopefully it’s not crowded for you all.  I’ve added more pictures below. Some were taken by my camera phone which isn’t all that great but oh well. I’m not claiming to be a professional photographer or even an amateur photographer!

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Santiam State Forest – Abiqua Falls (#19 )

Click on the picture to make it bigger!
October 23, 2011

Info:  (http://www.waterfallsnorthwest.com/nws/falls.php?num=4437) Abiqua Falls is a near-perfect free-falling waterfall of 92 feet in height set amid a spectacular basaltic amphitheater, framed by some of the best examples of columnar jointing that can be found in western Oregon. That the bedrock is basaltic has allowed various shades of moss and lichen to flourish in the canyon – with one section of the walls stained a bright orangeish-red by the growth in a similarly unique fashion as Latourell Falls in the Columbia River Gorge. The falls were the site of what was at one point thought to be a world record for the tallest waterfall run in a kayak. The kayakers who established the feat measured the falls at 101 feet tall, which differs from the measurement taken when reviewed for this database by 9 feet (though this is probably within an acceptable margin of error given the methods used, but it did not look like 100 feet to my eye). Abiqua Falls lies on land owned by the Mount Angel Abbey (rather than the surrounding Silver Falls Tree Farm as initially believed), who have graciously allowed public access to the falls. Between April and July of 2010 they had posted the land because of concerns about liability but as of the beginning of July 2010, they have once again opened the falls to access. Please remember to be a courteous and conscious visitor if you seek out this magnificent waterfall – pack out whatever you bring with you and behave as you would in a guest’s home. We are privileged to have access to this waterfall and we should be grateful for the Abbey for being so willing to go to the lengths they saw necessary to continue to allow the public to visit.
From the town of Scotts Mills, follow Crooked Finger Road for 10 3/4 miles (1.25 miles past the end of the pavement) and turn right on an unmarked road at a sign for an ORV area. Follow this road downhill, ignoring all spurs, for 2.25 miles to the end of the road at a gate and park. The road down is rough and steep in places and is not well suited to low clearance vehicles. From the end of the road, walk 100 feet back along the road to the trail which leads steeply downhill to the creek and falls in about 1/2 mile. The trail can be slick and muddy when its been raining so exercise caution when hiking downhill.
Latitude 44.92611 N
Longitude -122.56778 W
Elevation 1200 feet
Jenn’s View:  I would NEVER take my Honda Accord on this road. Glad we had Joyce’s SUV to get us through the stretch that would have killed my car. BUT I did see someone come down with a Subaru Outback type of car when we got back from this hike.
Great hike and short.  To get to the falls, it was less than a mile. The bad part is that its very steep.  Going down takes longer because the mud and rocks were quite slippery. Joyce and I fell and slipped a few times. 🙂 The climb back up was a breather but it always is if you don’t exercise on a daily basis, like I haven’t been. OOPS…did I just say that?  Saw a little girl on the trail going back to the car. Hey, if she can do it, so can a family.  Just exercise a lot of caution.  When I say it’s slippery, it’s slippery!
We found the gate to the trail and we actually started traveling ON that road past the gate.  Thank goodness I had the webpage on my phone and realized we were to park there and then walk back from where we drove and find the trail.  It looked like it was gonna rain on us but it didn’t. Thank goodness.
We found the first trail head and you are to pass that one and go on to the second trail.  You will recognize the trail with the sign that states that this is private property but has been given access for public use. Thank goodness for the Abbey Society of Oregon.  Is that a place for nuns???? If so, Thank you NUNS!  The climb down was pretty steep to begin with. When you climb down, take the trail to the right. Shortly, you will hear the creek.
Not really sure what Kaila was telling us but she looked pretty excited about it. ha ha
Why does my butt look so big??? Sheez! I really don’t have a butt so that is pretty amazing camera!
Don’t ask!
The sign that states the private property thingy. Too bad the flash went off or maybe we would have been able to read the darn thing!
The forest is pretty dense but the trail head is somewhat maintained and easy to see.  It was straight down hill so KNOWING that the climb back up was gonna get our hearts pumping!
 We reached the creek but in order to get down there, you had to follow the path straight down.  Pretty steep and looked like someone put a rope to climb down.  Pretty easy…I didn’t do the rope thing because I found a different path. Go figure. But Joyce and Makaila did it.
While taking this picture, I think Joyce fell…just standing there.
She would do excellent rock climbing!
After rope climbing down, you get to the creek! If you are facing the creek, follow it to the left (up stream)
Makaila went ahead of us and all I can hear is “MOOOOM! So pretty! Oh MOOOOOM!”
The rock wall is sooooo amazing.  I guess it’s basalt? Just absolutely beautiful! Great place to swim on a hot summer day! Makaila plans to bring her friends here some day and just have fun! We took some silly pictures too!

Overall, an absolute beautiful fall and short hike to get to.

So, while I was looking for local areas to hike and found this one, Bing showed me a picture that absolutely amazed me and made me want to do this hike.  I picked up the picture from here: http://pixdaus.com/pics/1264899655LQaejK9.jpg

Isn’t this just amazing?

Check out my May 2011 blog on Lower and Upper Butte Creek Falls.  This is less than a couple of miles down the road from this fall.  Great to see 3 falls in one day!!!

Here is a 360 video of the fall:

Mount Jefferson Wilderness – Boca Cave (#16)

August 28, 2011 

Info:  (from Oregon Hiking book by Sen Patrick Hill)    Difficulty: Difficult
Read the Triangulation Peak blog to get information on the hike. That trail leads to Boca Cave. To find Boca Cave, beware of steep cliffs and watch your step. From the peak, hike down to a saddle and go right and cross-country to a second and lower peak. From here, a scramble trail descends along the right of a rock outcrop. The path ends at a cliff edge. Go to the right around the cliff and descend a steep forested slope to a 100 foot deep cavern with a view of Mount Jefferson.
Permits: A free self issue Wilderness Permit is required and is available at the trailhead. Parking and access are free. Just in case, you may need to pick up a Wilderness pass for $5. Stop by the ranger station and ask. I always do. Better safe than sorry.
Directions: Drive 56 miles east of Salem on OR22. One mile past Idanha, turn left on McCoy Creek Road 2233 for 9.2 miles. At a building (what building? I didn’t see no building but that what’s my book says), go right and continue 1.3 miles and park at spur Road 635. The trailhead is 100 feet down the spur road.  OKEE, wait.  We were able to park right next to the trail head. 🙂
So the trail is pretty easy to get there. Joyce and I ate our lunch at Triangulation Peak and then headed down to Boca Caves.  They were NOT kidding on how steep it is to get down. Just kept thinking to myself, dang, gotta make this climb back UP to get home! Ahhh man, but my tummy was full with Subway Sammich and had all the energy in the world. he he.  I don’t suggest anyone who is not physically fit or who has bad knees or whatever. This is not an easy climb down nor is it an easy climb back up. OK, enough with the “disclosures”
Joyce posing for the camera
Was trying to climb the tree but it just bend
You do have to go around a rock wall…Here is a picture of the path.
Was trying to figure out how to climb to that ledge.  Johnathon would have done it!!!!

I don’t remember seeing a cliff or the outcrop of rocks but I wasn’t really looking. I was more amazed with this hole in the wall and figuring out a way to send ShadowLynn in FIRST to scare away the bears, bums, or creatures living in there — like the ones from the movie Descent! he he.

The entrance!

The cave isn’t very deep.  They did have these ledges that freaked me out (flashback on this movie again). I was expecting a head to peer over and start hissing or crawling on the ceiling, scattering like cockroaches!  he he.  How my imagination runs wild!

The entrance does frame Mount Jefferson real nicely.  Couldn’t get a clear picture of us standing near the entrance.

Started to get it….
The views from outside the cave

And of course, it wouldn’t be MY blog without a picture of moi….

Enjoy! Check out my next Cave exploration.  It’s in the planning stage right now but should be a pretty good one!

REVISIT: July 29, 2012

So, this is still my favorite cave. It’s not scary and it makes such a great shot for pictures. The tree has gotten a bit bigger and is covering more of Mt. Jefferson. So I will have to do a little bit of photoshoping to change this a bit. See the final product by searching my posts under photography class. LOL

I took Scott and his boys with me to show my favorite hike in 2011. It’s still ranks pretty high up there. 🙂 Also brought the dogs with us. Can you see Sam? It was hard to get a picture of him AND to make sure Mt. Jefferson was clear.

Boca Cave

Climbing up to the mouth of the cave was difficult. I had Muffy in my arms, the camera, and my backpack. Scott had to come back down and grab my pack.

Boca Cave Boca Cave Boca Cave

The boys were real excited about the cave. Central Oregon has a ton of lava tubes and caves so this is second nature for them. 🙂

Boca CaveBoca Cave

Boca Cave

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Mount Jefferson Wilderness – Triangulation Peak (#15)

August 21, 2011
Info:  (from Oregon Hiking book by Sen Patrick Hill)    Difficulty: Easy/Moderate
A fitting name for a peak on which a fire watchtower once stood. Triangulation Peak offers an impressive view of Mount Jefferson not only from its peak, but from the mouth of a secret cave accessible by a cross-country scramble over the flanks of the peak. Along the way, the trail passes the towering monolith of Spire Rock and enters a series of alpine meadows covered with fish-filled lakes. For intrepid travelers, this trail also provides access deeper into Mount Jefferson Wilderness Area.
Jenn’s view: OK, Ranger Judy (not sure if that’s her name) didn’t mention ANYTHING about no cave so we had NOOO idea there is this hidden cave and I was dumb enough to leave my book at home and dangit! would have love to ventured to find this secret cave. (I know run-on sentence and punctuations are not in place but who cares! I’m upset!)   Brian and I was actually heading to Pamelia Lake but it was full since there is a limited entry fee to get in so Ranger Judy suggested we do this hike and we did.  I gave this rating an Easy/Moderate —  Easy for the first 1.5 miles because it was relatively easy and then the last 0.6 miles is up, up, up! If we have known about this cave – I guess getting to the cave is really difficult.
See! No where does this flyer that Ranger Judy gave us indicated no hidden cave! Sheez!
Directions: Drive 56 miles east of Salem on OR 22. One mile past Idanha, turn left on McCoy Creek Road 2233 for 9.2 miles. At a building (what building?  Must have missed that one) go right and continue 1.3 miles and park at spur Road 635.
Now, good ol’ Brian relies on these High Tech Gadget thingies that I don’t normally carry.  I normally have this book or directions that I print off the web. So, Brian gets us all confuse and we are stopped trying to locate our exact position – we think we are lost, on the wrong road…blah blah blah and all the while thinking – Just drive.. LOL.  He’s too funny. He puts the GPS thingy down and we decided to drive and low and behold there’s the trail head. We were less than 100 yards away…..hahahaha.
Brian Leggs and his high tech gadget!
So the trail was really pretty.  When we left the car, I believe we hit 91 degrees so it was hot.  Thank goodness the forest was pretty cool until we reached the top out of the shade of the trees. And oh lordy the bugs! Sheez! Had bug spray on but you sure can hear all the flies and bees buzzin’ around.

Mount Jefferson is sooooo gorgeous! You literally felt like you can reach out and touch her. She was so close and right there.  There was another mountain that was showing but wasn’t quite sure which mountain that was.  I know we saw the top of one of the Sisters and Three Finger Jack. It was pretty hilarious…I told Brian to tell me a story and guess what he told me – How Joseph Smith became “THE JOSEPH SMITH”. He’s not even Mormon!

Not quite sure which Mountain this one is? Anyone??
While Brian was out doing his thang on getting his pictures for Photosynth (for a 360 degree view…go here: http://photosynth.net/view.aspx?cid=5f81e882-1b9d-4424-8abf-b063ab8e4dd2&ref=nf ) I went off to find out where this little trail went.  Sat on top of those rocks at the end and meditated. Well, not really but it was very peaceful.
I definitely recommend this hike.  It took us 3 hours, including the meditation and picture taking so it was a quick little hike…I WILL GO BACK AND GET TO BOCA CAVE! Maybe with my sister (she’s scared because of the movie Descent) this time since Brian is scared of caves because of the movie Sanctum!
This is probably my favorite picture of all time!
*You can click on any of the pictures to make them bigger*
REVISIT August 28, 2011 to get to Boca Cave. See my Boca Cave blog.  
Here are updated pictures from this visit with my sis. It was about 80 degrees but unfortunately there was a slight haze in the air.  It started clearing up but still that haze stuck on. 😦
My sister Joyce Piol posing for the camera.
My sister was a little scared getting on top of this small rock formation. She gets a little scared of heights but she did it. With my aide, she even got herself down.
Joyce Piol was a little scared getting on this rock and had to help her down BUT she did it! So proud of her!
As you can tell, I have no fear.  Well, not most of the time.  If ShadowLynn was on the rocks with me, then I would freak out. She’s not the most behaved dog and she would have knocked me down.
Huge recommendation to do it. Do eat a big breakfast before going! I struggled the last leg on just 2 cups of coffee.