Random Thoughts – Frizzy Hair


September 17, 2012

Happy One Year “Dating” Anniversary to Scott and I! Had to say it. 🙂

OKAY now with the good stuff. Got my FITNESS magazine back in June or July. It’s the July / August 2012 issue. Going through it and started reading the Smooth, sexy hair article. I know most of this so wanted to share my little secret and the FITNESS magazine’s tips and tricks.

My hair is BLACK – well dyed black. I have gray hair. Sheez! I admit it! I’m 39 years old and have gray hair. My favorite hair dye that comes in a box (on a budget people!) is from AVON. They started carrying this a few months ago and they had an introductory price of $5.99 and thought why not? I’ve used ALL kinds that you can get at Walmart, Walgreens, Rite-Aide , etc like Clairol, Garnier, L’Oreal, Nice ‘n Easy – you get the point.  I bought the Avon but I didn’t use it until I knew I was going on an interview. WEEELLLL, I’m on a budget! I don’t mind my gray hair until I start looking like a skunk or I can’t handle it any longer.

Normally, I need two boxes because of the length of my hair but I only used one box. Most of my greys are on top of my head so I use most of it on the roots. What makes this one different, you apply a protective cream to dry hair FIRST before applying the dye. For some reason (well I think it does, it can be all in my mind), this color outlasted all the other over the counter boxed hair dyes. I do recommend this hair dye and has made my hair look black.  My sister Joyce stated that my hair is SUPER black when we were in Miami and looks unnatural. She was born with dark brown/black hair and she dyed her hair caramel / blonde. I was born with super duper dark brown, even black hair. Not blue-black – now that’s fake and looks good on porcelain white chicks but not on Asians. I normally use soft black color or dark brown. It made my hair soft and manageable. So, that’s my first recommendation.

OKAY, what does really have to do with hiking? For all the girls out there with LONG, ASS hair – what do you normally do? I put my hair UP! I still want to look good when I take it down when I have to take that shot for the blog — he he. So essentially, this is what I do – occasionally.

Here are a few pics of my hair:

So when I hike in HOT weather or warm weather, my hair HAS TO BE UP! Off my neck, off my face, etc. It drives me NUTS! I have to use those cloth type hair bands.. I have these no slip rubber bands that I picked up from Walmart – NEVER EVER will I buy those. So tip #2 – Don’t use those non-stick rubber rubber rubber bands. If they have a little rubber and cloth, that works. It hurts to take them out, especially when your head is sweaty and gross. Now when it’s cold, my hair is like an extra blanket. Keeps my ears warm. Pics of my hair up:

OKAY – now here is a tip I learned on FITNESS magazine that I will HAVE to start trying. Here is a little bit of what the article states and Tip #3:

Just as you slather on sunscreen to shield your face and body when you go outdoors, you need to protect your hair.  Ultraviolet rays can damage strands, stripping them of their moisture and color, says Peter Lamas, a stylist and the founder of the Peter Lamas brand. To defend your do, combine two teaspoons of SPF lotion with one cup of water, pour the mixture into a spray bottle and spritz it all over damp hair before styling. Then mist a small amount on your palms and massage it into your scalp. Tote the solution in your backpack (well the article says beach bag) and spray it on when you reapply sunscreen to your skin.

Great tip!

Did I mention that my hair is black? That sucker gets hot especially on the trail and there is no shade. I can touch the top of my head and it’s HOT! It sucks because then it makes me sweat like a pig (do pigs really sweat?)

OKAY Tip #4: FRIZZZZZZZ! My hair doesn’t really get super frizzy but my daughters hair does. A trick that I learned awhile back ago AND its on this article, is after I shower, wash my hair, I turn the water super COLD and rinse my hair with it. Of course, I bend down and flip my hair so none of that cold water doesn’t touch my body because that would make me scream. Not only that it helps with FRIZZ but it makes my hair shiny. After getting out of the shower, I will take my leave-in conditioner and put in my hair. Here are the two items that I use:

Another thing I do – I AIR DRY MY HAIR! It doesn’t take that long. My hair is not super thick so it’s pretty easy to dry. Especially in Central Oregon since it’s dry any ways out there. Now, my daughter Alesia has super thick hair and she follows the cold water treatment and it turns out super shiny and frizz controlled.

For those of you who HAVE to blow dry your hair, the helpful tip this article states: you have to have it 100% completely DRY. Don’t flip your hair upside down, use a round brush, and even make sure under the hair – has to be dry or you will be frizz head for sure!

Well that’s it. It’s 9:00pm and I need to just start winding down, do a little stretches, and call it good. Happy READING! If you have any tips that you do for your hair for outdoor activities, please let me know!


Random Thoughts – PINTEREST! Nature Scavenger Hunt


Pinterest Nature Scavenger Hunt

So, I’m super obsessed, okay maybe not super but pretty duper excited about Pinterest. If you haven’t heard of Pinterest, I can invite you in, just leave a comment and your email and you will join the club of the obsessed. It’s just a great way to organize stuff found on the web on to these “boards” that you create. You get to look at everyone else’s pins and then re-pin, like, or comment on it. I can spend HOURS on this pinning. LOL.  Just click on the Pinterest picture below. (if it doesn’t work, go here: http://pinterest.com/hikerjenn/)


This one I found pretty exciting. My teenagers may not think so but for Scott’s boys, I think this would be a GREAT activity for small kids on a nature walk or hike or camping. We went on that hike in Mt. Hood during our camping trip and the boys got a little bored just walking. You get a lot of whining or feet hurting or complaints but if you keep them engaged and occupied, it makes for a great hike and I bet they would think it’s fun! (Along with bringing big water guns and playing hide and seek in the woods — ohhhh that would make for another blog entry!) The above picture was taken from a pin I got from Pinterest (http://pinterest.com/pin/121456521171099575/). Normally, when you click on the picture it will take you straight to the website it was taken from and then tell you more about the picture, idea, craft, what ever… this one, nope. It lead me to some thing called the Taylor House. Hmmmm. Weird. (It’s late and have to get to bed – I have a regular job and shouldn’t really be doing this — Gosh darn it!) Anyways, back on the subject. To get smaller kids out for the summer HIKING (my favorite word of the day, evening, century, millennium…Geez, Jenn get with it), I would create a small scavenger hunt for them. Instead of “just hiking in the woods”, they can keep an eye out for “stuff” found on the trail. OR give them a small disposable camera and have a list of what pictures they need to take. Cross your fingers – I will experiment on my little nieces, nephews, friend’s kids and see if it is a great activity! I will do a follow up to this maybe after summer and post pictures of the experience…. OOOOHHHHH sooo excited. Oh now I’ve done it! My mind is gonna start racing and won’t be able to get up for my 6 a.m. wake up call!

Leave a comment and let me know if you do something similar with your outdoor activities?

(It’s really late because even the misspelled words and grammatical errors – they all look right!!!)

Random Thoughts

Well figured this is MY BLOG, thought I would just randomly write something to say SOMETHING. I am so trying to motivate to finish the last hike I did by myself, what 2 months ago! EEEEK, I hate that I’m a procrastinator – WAIT, I take that back— I have soooo much to do and time goes by way too fast. Here is me “procrastinating”.

Jennifer Piol


I know … scary but I don’t care – obviously!  Otherwise, I would have taken a shower, make up, hair done….hahahahaha….

So, my daughter needs a car. That is probably why I’m not out hiking or in Central Oregon with Scott. I would rather be there than here doing nothing. I’m sad but do really need to get my butt moving in on my blog, Facebook, and HOMEWORK. What was I thinking going back to school. Well, I’m the kinda person that craves to be busy but stupid enough to “over do it”. Ya know what I’m sayin’? he he It’s funny…Mean Girls 2 is playing in the background and so happy I opted to buy a laptop instead of a desktop when my stupid computer got a virus.

You know what just went through my head? The first episode of Real World or was it the second? The Filipino girl that was aired. She was sooo funny. A long ass time ago, she created her own site – her own blog! I looked forward to what she had to say cuz she had some funny stuff on there. Do you believe having a blog was that old?!?!?! I’m old – almost 39!!! and discovering a blog – I’m old. I feel like my dad – “Jee-nee-PER, how do you do this??” Trying my best impression to talk like my dad playing with his iPhone.

OHHHHH SHIT! I left my shoes soaking in bleach water for too long! I need to go check on it. Hopefully it didn’t eat the glue off the shoe! DAMMMMMMITTTT!

I think I’m OK. Now it’s in the washer to wash off the bleach. It did take some of the NIKE symbol off. he he.  That’s OK, I’ll “ghetto-ize” it by taking a sharpie and coloring that in. Here are my shoes.

There are also a pair of KEDS or is it Converse? with the NIKE shoes. My girls are rough are their shoes and don’t care that white shoes should be white. Oh well. It’s their shoes. OKAY, wondering why I put the shoes in bleach. Look below:

THIS IS MO…He’s a jerk and pisses IN my shoes! His name is FAT MO because he’s soooooo FAT! Original name huh? Yeah NOT. Any hoo, I was talking about that Real World earlier…I was looking through the internet to find a pic of Ms. Filipina girl and found pictures of the first season 1, New York, 1992 – ONE YEAR AFTER I graduated from High School! Do the math – 1992-1 = 1991 : GO SPARTANS!

For all disclosure purposes, this picture was taken from here: http://tvjunkiesunite.files.wordpress.com/2010/11/yaua1jucx0zl7m4.jpg

I can’t find her…Bummer. I’ll look some more when I have more time — hahahahahaha maybe next year?  Well, it looks like me and my friend Kimberly are gonna grab a bottle of wine and enjoy the rest of the night. Of course, I didn’t get anything else done around here. LOL